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General Assembly

12 February 1948


Third Draft of First Special Report to the Security
Council Resistance by Force to the
and the Problem of Security in Palestine.

(As Proposed by Mr. Medina)

The United Nations Palestine Commission herewith presents to the Security Council a special report on the attempt to alter by force the settlement of the Palestinian question envisaged by the resolution of the General Assembly on the Future Government of Palestine; on the general Problem of security in Palestine in relation to the implementation of that resolution; and on the need for an international armed force in Palestine.

In its First Monthly Progress Report to the Security Council (Section 13) the Commission had informed the Security Council that “it was devoting most serious attention to the various aspects of the security problem, with particular reference to the possible need for an international force” and that this problem would be the subject of a subsequent special report.

The Commission has appraised the security situation in Palestine on the basis of a considerable volume of information, official and unofficial, available to it from a diversity of sources. These sources have included official reports and appraisals from the Mandatory Power; reports and comments from the Jewish Agency for Palestine; statements by the Arab Higher Committee; and dispatches from the Press of the world. On the basis of these reports, the Commission has decided to submit to the Security Council the following two [considerations] [conclusions] for such action as it may deem appropriate:

It is because of the extreme gravity of the situation in Palestine now, and the anticipated worsening of the conditions there, that this special report is presented to the Security Council at this time. The Commission realises that both the future well-being of the peoples of Palestine and the authority and effectiveness of the United Nations are deeply involved.

It is a source of regret to the Commission that the circumstances are not such as to make it possible for the will of the General Assembly, expressed in the resolution, to be carried out by this Commission, as the agent of the General Assembly, without the necessity of thus calling upon the Security Council for assistance.

Although the security aspects of the problem are referred to the Security Council by this report, the Commission intends to continue with such of the vast amount of preparatory work essential to the implementation of the recommendations as can be undertaken without the assistance from the Security Council sought herein.

The paragraphs set forth under Section II, III, and IV of this report relate particularly to the deduction that organized effort is afoot to alter the resolution, and to the general security situation. Sections V, VI and VII have a bearing upon the need for assistance from the Security Council.

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