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        Economic and Social Council
25 March 2004

Original: ENGLISH

Sixtieth session
Agenda item 9


Letter dated 25 March 2004 from the Permanent Mission of Lebanon to
the United Nations Office at Geneva addressed to the Chairperson of
the Commission on Human Rights

With reference to agenda item 3 entitled: “Question of the violation of human rights and fundamental freedoms in any part of the world”, including the human rights situation of the Lebanese detainees in Israel, I am enclosing herewith a list of names of some Lebanese detainees and missing arrested during the Israeli occupation of parts of the Lebanese territory.

I would be grateful if you could circulate the list* as a document of the sixtieth session of the Commission on Human Rights.

(Signed): Gebran SOUFAN
Permanent Representative


* Reproduced in the annex as received, in the language of submission only.


Names of some Lebanese detainees and missing
arrested during the Israeli occupation
of parts of Lebanese territories

1 - Samir Kontar, detained in Israel since April 22, 1979 and sentenced for 542 years prison term. Israel refused to release him during the last detainees swap which took place on January 29, 2004.

2 - Moussa El Sheikh Selman from Maaraka village. He was arrested by the Israeli forces on June 8, 1982, wounded when transported by a ICRC staffer from the rest house of Tyr (South Lebanon) to the field hospital of the Israeli occupation army near Mealliya. Since then his fate remains unknown. The ICRC confirmed his condition when he was transferred.

3 - Bilal Samadi. He was kidnapped on June 4, 1982 with five other persons on the bridge of the Awali river following an Israeli ambush.

4 - Yahia Skaff, from Menya, North Lebanon. He was detained by the Israelis on March 11, 1978. The occupying Israeli forces are still denying his existence.

5 - Ibrahim Zein El Din, a teacher in Baaklin secondary school. He was kidnapped by the Israeli Army from his fiancée's house on October 8, 1982 and transferred to the Israeli Intelligence center located then in Ras el Jabal in Aley (Mount Lebanon). His two friends, Nazih Abou Ajram and Mounis Chami, who were arrested later on, confirmed having seen him chained and naked with torture marks on his body.

6 - Mohamed Said El Jarrar, from Chebaa village. He was kidnapped in 1979 by the occupying forces, imprisoned in Tal Nahas camp, then transferred to the Israeli Intelligence in Mtelli. Toufic Fakhouri, one of the released detainees, recognized Mohamed El Jarrar, in 1987, in one of the Israeli detention centers located in Ramleh.

7 - Mohamed Ali Hawa. He was arrested by the Israeli forces in 1984 on the Bater crossing in Jezzine (Lebanon) and taken to the Aber center. His mother saw him wounded and his leg was bleeding.

8 - Jamil Ambaz. He was kidnapped by the Israeli forces in 1982. According to his family, he is imprisoned in the Chateh jail in Israel.

9 - Mohamed Ali Gharib. He was kidnapped on August 12, 1984 by the Israeli Intelligence on the Bater crossing in Jezzine. He was transferred to the Homsieh hill then to Israel. His family reported that the freed detainee Ali Noura has seen him in Atlit prison in 1985. The latter informed the ICRC about his meeting with Gharib.

10 - Hassan Ramez Ballout. He was arrested in 1984 in his hometown Kfarmelky by the Israeli Intelligence. Ballout stayed in the Jezzine barracks for eight months. He was wounded and suffered infections in his leg.

11 - Maher Kassir (or Quassir) from Deir Kanoun el Nahr village. He was kidnapped by the Israeli Intelligence on June 17, 1982 in the area of the Sciences University located in Chweifat (Southern Beirut). His fate is unknown.

12 - Mohamed Ali El Abouchi from Mina in North Lebanon. He was kidnapped in 1990. His family received information according to which he is in the Ramleh jail in Israel.

13 - Jammal Habba, from Sidon-South Lebanon, he was kidnapped at the Barbara checkpoint on 1982. His family asserts that he is detained in Israel.

14 - Samir Mohamed El Khorfan, a soldier in the Lebanese army, was kidnapped in Majdelyoun area on October 30, 1983.

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