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Source: World Food Programme (WFP)
24 May 2013

The Voucher Programme benefitted 116,000 beneficiaries in 2012, and WFP plans to reach 146,000 individuals in 2013 Programme Details

Partnerships are central to WFP Palestine and the Voucher Programme is a partnership with local authorities and NGO’s, increasing the capacity of local authorities to effectively administer social safety net programmes.

Vouchers in Gaza provide around US$12 per month per person, and can be used to purchase bread, cereal, milk, yogurt, white cheese, eggs, pulses, vegetable oil, olive oil, rice, tahina and wheat flour. In 2012, the programme reached 30,000 beneficiaries, and 60,000 people will receive vouchers in 2013.

Vouchers in the West Bank provide US$13 per month per person. Beneficiaries can use vouchers to purchase bread, cereals, milk, yogurt, white cheese, eggs, pulses, vegetable oil, tuna, tahina and salt. In 2012, 86,000 people received vouchers and WFP expects to reach the same number of people in 2013.

Participating shops receive an electronic terminal, similar to a credit card machine, where beneficiaries swipe their voucher cards to purchase food items. This system allows WFP to track and analyse purchasing patterns, and ensure the programme’s integrity.

Programme Impact

Investing in Palestine

All products available for purchase through the voucher programme are produced in the West Bank or Gaza. Increased sales of these products inject much-needed cash into the local economy. In 2012 WFP invested approximately US$16.7 million in local producers through the purchase of voucher goods.

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