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30 December 2004

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
UN’s Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland

Press Conference
New York, 30 January 2004


The second question: Mr. Brahimi keeps making comments publicly that your spokesman tells me do not reflect your view on the Israeli-Palestinian issues. Do they? And, secondly, is it time to let him go, then?

The Secretary-General: Let me start with your first question. Or do you want me to start with the second? Okay, I will start with the second.

I had really not wanted to get into any other topic except this major disaster that we have in front of us. But I will say that Mr. Brahimi, who is a very experienced diplomat and has served the international community well, has sometimes expressed his views. I think I gave a statement on this not more than two weeks ago, and I do not think I have anything to add to that statement. Fred, you issued a statement? No, I issued a statement. Fred can give you a copy. And that is still my position.


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