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        Security Council
20 January 1988


Letter dated 20 January 1988 from the representative of Lebanon
to the Secretary-General

[Original: English]
[20 January 1988]
I have the honour to inform you that the Government of Lebanon has decided to request the Security Council to extend the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), which expires on 31 January 1988, for a further period of six months, on the basis of the provisions of Security Council resolutions 425 (1978), 426 (1978), 501 (1982), 508 (1982), 509 (1982) and 520 (1982) and of other relevant resolutions and decisions of the Security Council.

The Government of Lebanon, while calling for the immediate implementation of the above-mentioned resolutions, would like to reaffirm the terms of the mandate of UNIFIL as laid down in resolutions 425 (1978) and 426 (1978), the report of the Secretary-General contained in document S/12611 of 19 March 1978, and resolutions 501 (1982) and 509 (1982).

I should like to assure you that my Government remains persuaded that, in spite of the difficult conditions in south Lebanon, the presence of UNIFIL in Lebanon continues to be highly necessary and constitutes an important factor of stability and an international commitment to the upholding of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon.

My Government takes this opportunity to pay tribute and express its gratitude to UNIFIL and the countries which have sent contingents for their efforts and sacrifices in serving the cause of peace in Lebanon.

I should be grateful if you would bring the text of this letter to the attention of the members of the Security Council and arrange for it to be circulated as a document of the Council.

(Signed) Rachid FAKHOURY
Permanent Representative of Lebanon
to the United Nations

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