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        General Assembly
        Security Council

5 December 1985


Fortieth session
Agenda item 38
Fortieth year

Letter dated 5 December 1985 from the Permanent Representative of Israel
to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

I wish to bring to your attention a "Calendar of Middle Eastern Violence 1985" which enumerates incidents of violence in the area as reported in press reports, mostly Arab, taken from the "Foreign Broadcasting Information Service".

It is a compendium of bombings, kidnappings, assassinations, executions, coups, hijackings, border incursions, and outright war. In our view, this can serve as the proper basis for the present debate in the General Assembly on the situation in the Middle East.

I have the honour to request that this letter and the attached compendium be circulated as an official document of the General Assembly, under item 38, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Benjamin NETANYAHU






1 JanuaryPLO official assassinated in Lebanon
3 JanuarySwiss diplomat kidnapped in Beirut
8 JanuaryAmerican priest kidnapped in Beirut
8 JanuaryTwo explosions in Beirut
11 JanuaryTwo bombs explode in Beirut
12 JanuarySaharan People's Liberation Army downs two Moroccan planes
13 JanuarySaharan People's Liberation Army kills scores of Moroccans
13 JanuaryLibyan diplomat assassinated in Rome
14 JanuaryIran downs one Iraqi plane
14 JanuaryTwo explosions in Damascus
14 JanuaryAssassination attempt on Syrian Defense Minister
14 JanuaryAssassination attempt on chief Lebanese intelligence officer in Beirut
16 JanuaryIraqi intelligence chief killed in Baghdad
16 JanuaryTwo explosions in Beirut
19 JanuaryIran kills 50 Iraqis
20 JanuaryBomb explodes in northern Iraq killing 10
21 JanuaryAssassination attempt on Mustafa Sa'ad, militia leader in Beirut
21 JanuarySaharan People's Liberation Army attack Moroccan plane
21 JanuaryCar bomb in Beirut
24 JanuaryPolice chief assassinated in Iraq
27 JanuaryIran kills 40 Iraqis
28 JanuaryAssassination attempt on Saddam Hussein in Baghdad
28 JanuaryIran kills 26 Iraqis
28 JanuaryIran kills 200 Iraqis
29 JanuaryIran kills 200 Iraqis
31 JanuaryIraq kills 687 Iranians
31 JanuaryEight Syrians arrested in plan to assassinate PLO official in London
1 FebruaryCar bomb in Tripoli kills 18
2 FebruaryTwo explosions in West Beirut
3 FebruaryIran downs Iraqi plane
7 FebruaryHezbollah kidnaps Lebanese airline official
8 FebruaryIran kills 350 Iraqis
8 FebruaryAttempted hijack of Cypriot plane in Beirut
12 FebruarySudanese People's Liberation Army kills 26 Sudanese
18 FebruaryBomb explodes in Beirut killing 4
24 FebruarySyria accuses Jordan of killing 2 civilians in Syria
26 FebruaryTwo explosions in West Beirut kills 6
26 FebruaryIraqi assassination attempt on Iranian oil official in Teheran
MARCH 1985
1 MarchIraqi diplomat assassinated in Kuwait
6 MarchBomb explodes in Beirut
8 MarchIran bombs civilian targets in Iraq
8 MarchAssassination attempt on Sheik Fadalallah in Beirut; 75 killed
9 MarchIraq shoots down Iranian plane
11 MarchIran bombs Baghdad
14 MarchIraq kills 1,000 Iranians
15 MarchBritish national kidnapped in Beirut
16 MarchIranian bomb explodes in Baghdad
17 MarchSaudi plane hijacked in North Yemeni
17 MarchLibyan diplomat kidnapped in Beirut
20 MarchIraq attacks Kharg Island
21 MarchAttempted hijacking of Jordanian plane foiled by UAE
21 MarchAttacks on ALIA offices in Athens, Rome and Nicosia; "Black September" claims responsibility
21 MarchFrench and Italian officials kidnapped in Beirut
25 MarchBritish journalist kidnapped in Beirut
27 MarchViolent demonstrations in Khartoum
28 MarchTwo French teachers abducted in Beirut
28 MarchBomb explodes in Iraq killing 120; Iraq accuses Iran
30 March135 people killed in fighting in Sidon
30 March2,600 arrested in Khartoum riots
31 MarchIran bombs Baghdad
APRIL 1985
1 AprilEgypt uncovers Libyan plot
1 April4 Lebanese Jews kidnapped in Beirut
1 AprilAmal hijacks Lebanese plane
1 AprilDutch priest killed in Beka Valley
2 AprilSaharan People's Liberation Army claims it killed 120 Moroccans
3 AprilSidon fighting kills 54
3 AprilIraq bombs Teheran
4 AprilJordanian plane attacked in Athens by group calling itself "Black September"
4 AprilIraq downs Iranian plane
4 AprilJordanian Embassy attacked in Rome by Syria
6 AprilCoup in Sudan
12 April"Islamic Jihad" bombs Madrid restaurant killing 20
13 AprilAssassination attempt on Lebanese Imam
16 AprilUAE oil minister escapes assassination attempt
16 AprilIraq downs Iranian plane
17 AprilAmal surrounds refugee camps in Lebanon
18 AprilMurabitoun headquarters destroyed in Tripoli
18 AprilAmerican University official kidnapped in Beirut
23 AprilIraq shoots down 3 Iranian planes
30 AprilIraqi terrorist plots against Libyan and Syrian Embassies uncovered
MAY 1985
2 MayIraq executes 116 Iraqi citizens
7 MayAssassination attempt on Numeiri in Cairo
9 MayDruze massacre Christians in Lebanon
15 MayUNRWA official kidnapped in Beirut
16 MayAlgerian Ambassador attacked in Beirut
18 May"Islamic Jihad" explodes bomb in Riyadh
20 MayAmal kills 30 Palestinians in Lebanon
21 MayFighting in Beirut kills 82
22 MayAssassination attempt on Jordanian official in Amman
22 MayBomb attempt on Jumayel kills 55 in Beirut
25 MayAssassination attempt on Emir of Kuwait
27 May368 killed, 1,693 injured in 8 days of fighting in Palestinian camps in Lebanon
28 MayReported coup in Bahrain
29 MayIraq bombs Teheran
29 MayBritish national murdered in Lebanon
29 MayBomb explodes outside home of Syrian Ambassador to Morocco
JUNE 1985
5 JuneIran bombs Baghdad; 86 killed
6 JuneIraq bombs Kharg Island
9 JuneAmerican University dean kidnapped in Beirut
11 JuneAmal hijacks ALIA plane in Beirut
12 JunePalestinians hijack MEA plane in Cyprus
13 JuneIraq bombs Teheran
13 JuneRed Cross official killed in Khartoum
14 June"Islamic Jihad" hijacks TWA plane
14 JuneAl-Murabitoun explodes bomb in Beirut killing 2
15 JuneHijackers of TWA plane kill one passenger
17 JuneBomb destroys Amal office in Beirut
19 JuneBomb kills 75 in Tripoli
28 JuneTwo French nationals kidnapped in Beirut
28 JuneBritish national kidnapped in Beirut
JULY 1985
1 JulyAttack on Jordanian airlines in Madrid
2 JulySaharan People's Liberation Army claims to kill hundreds of Moroccans
3 JulyAttempted kidnapping of army general in Qatar
10 JulyGerman and Polish nationals kidnapped in Beirut
11 JulyTwo bombs explode in Kuwait killing 60
11 JulyKuwaiti press counselor kidnapped in Beirut
22 July"Islamic Jihad" bombs synagogue and Northwest Orient Airlines in Copenhagen
24 JulyJordanian diplomat assassinated in Ankara
26 JulyFour PLO officials assassinated in Sidon
28 JulyBomb destroys Amal headquarters in Beirut
6 AugustBomb explodes at Saudi and Moroccan Embassies in Beirut
7 AugustBomb in central Damascus kills 60
16 AugustAttempted assassination of German Ambassador in Lebanon
17 AugustBomb explodes in Beirut killing 59
19 AugustFour bombs explode in East Beirut
20 AugustBomb explodes in Tripoli killing 40
29 AugustAmal gunmen raid home of Libyan diplomat in Beirut
30 AugustAttempted assassination of Mubarak
4 SeptemberAmal bombs Algerian Embassy in Beirut
4 SeptemberIran seizes Kuwaiti ship in Persian Gulf
5 SeptemberAmal kills 19 Palestinians in Lebanon
6 SeptemberIran seizes Italian ship in Persian Gulf
12 SeptemberCanadian diplomat kidnapped in Beirut
14 SeptemberItalian national kidnapped in Beirut
18 SeptemberArab journalist assassinated in Athens
19 SeptemberBomb destroys bus terminal in Teheran
27 SeptemberTwo British nationals kidnapped in Beirut
30 SeptemberFour Soviet diplomats kidnapped in Beirut
1 October"Islamic Jihad" executes Soviet diplomat
3 OctoberLebanese-Bulgarian Society official killed in Beirut
8 OctoberBombs explode at Libyan Consulate in Athens
9 OctoberAchilles Lauro hijacked
10 OctoberHijackers kill one passenger
10 OctoberIran shoots down Iraqi plane
15 OctoberAssassination attempt on Saddam Hussein
18 OctoberPalestinians kidnap Amal official in Beirut
18 OctoberExplosion in Beirut kills 10
21 OctoberSaudi authorities execute 2 princes for attempted coup in September
24 OctoberFrench national kidnapped in Beirut
29 OctoberTwo Japanese diplomats kidnapped in Beirut
2 NovemberAssassination attempt on Lebanese Forces chief
7 NovemberIraq bombs Kharg Island
8 NovemberSyria explodes bombs in Nicosia
8 NovemberBomb in northern Lebanon kills 11
11 NovemberEgypt uncovers Libyan assassination plot
12 NovemberAssassination attempt on Lebanese diplomat
23 NovemberPalestinians hijack Egyptian plane; 60 dead


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