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        General Assembly
        Security Council

29 August 2005

Original: English

General Assembly
Fifty-ninth session
Agenda items 36 and 148
The situation in the Middle East
Measures to eliminate international terrorism
Security Council
Sixtieth year

Letter dated 29 August 2005 from the Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

I am writing to draw your urgent attention to a suicide bombing that was carried out yesterday in the Israeli city of Be’er Sheva.

Yesterday’s attack occurred during the morning rush hour, at the start of the Israeli workweek, at Be’er Sheva’s heavily trafficked central bus station. The terrorist from the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization raised the suspicion of a bus driver, who alerted security. Two security agents approached the attacker and were able to divert him. The terrorist detonated his charges, seriously wounding the two security agents as well as 46 others. The quick action by the two security agents significantly mitigated the breadth of this terrorist attack.

The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization is responsible for a multitude of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, including the suicide bombing that occurred last month in the Israeli city of Netanya on 12 July that killed 5 people and wounded 90 others.

This attack comes one week after Israel completed its historic unilateral disengagement of Israeli communities from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank. Palestinian terrorism has always been the stumbling block preventing a true and lasting peace. Now more than ever, after Israel has made bold and difficult sacrifices to advance peace, the Palestinian Authority must take all necessary steps to fulfil its obligation of ending Palestinian terrorism and capitalize on the momentum initiated by Israel’s disengagement.

This attack was preceded by terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip launching rockets against Israeli communities last week and was followed by the apprehension of a 14-year-old Palestinian youth carrying three pipe bombs today. The continued Palestinian terrorism demonstrates the fact that the Palestinian Authority still is remiss in its action to prevent and thwart Palestinian terrorism. Until the Palestinian Authority meets its responsibility to end Palestinian terrorism, no real progress can be made towards peace.

Israel calls upon the international community to reiterate its absolute intolerance of terrorism and to further demand from the Palestinian Authority that it take immediate and comprehensive steps to effectively prevent Palestinian terrorism.

I should be grateful if you would arrange to have the text of the present letter circulated as a document of the General Assembly, under agenda items 148 and 36, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Dan Gillerman
Ambassador, Permanent Representative


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