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        Security Council
12 June 1967

Original: English

Supplemental Information Received by the Secretary-General

1. General Bull has now reported details concerning the Observer teams on the Syrian side as follows:

2. All UNMO teams accompanied by Liaison Officers and will remain in field indefinitely. All UNMO teams in radio contact with control headquarters.

3. Israel Liaison Officers with Tiberias control centre teams have their own communications facilities. Syrian Liaison Officers do not have their own communications.

4. I have already mentioned on several occasions in the Council the serious handicap which continued lack of access to UNTSO Headquarters in Government House imposes upon General Bull and his observers. On the afternoon of 12 June I received from General Bull the following message on the subject:

5. General Bull met with Mr. Sasson of the Israel Foreign Office on the afternoon of 12 June to discuss this and other matters. These included the implementation of the Security Council resolution of 12 June. General Bull also raised with Mr. Sasson the question of mapping the position of the forces and made it clear that the positions to be mapped should be those occupied as of the time of the cease-fire, i.e., 1630 hours GMT 10 June. Mr. Sasson agreed with this position and promised that full co-operation would be given to United Nations Military Observers for this purpose.

6. General Bull also raised the question of the exchange of war prisoners which had been suggested by Mr. Sasson. General Bull stated that it was his intention with the full support of the Secretary-General to make his good offices available for the exchange of war prisoners. Mr. Sasson informed General Bull that the Israel authorities had got in touch with the Red Cross also for this purpose. General Bull remarked that in the past UNTSO's good offices for the exchange of prisoners had been exercised in full co-operation with the Red Cross and that his good offices were available at all times if and when necessary.

7. General Bull also raised the question of freedom of movement of United Nations personnel which was not at present adequate. He pointed out that United Nations Military Observers had now to be accompanied by Israel liaison officers in their movements. Mr. Sasson observed that the present situation was an emergency one and that the Government of Israel would consider establishing freedom of movement for observers as soon as possible.


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