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General Assembly

16 January 1948





Under the terms of the Resolution of 29 November 1947 (document A/516), the General Assembly authorized the Secretary-General to reimburse travel and subsistence expenses of one representative of each of five Member States elected to the Palestine Commission, on such basis and in such form as he may determine most appropriate in the circumstances.

Subsistence Allowance

In the light of the extraordinary duties assigned by the General Assembly to the Palestine Commission; the Secretary-General has now approved a subsistence allowance of $60.00 per diem for each member of the Commission. This rate applies whenever the member of the Commission is himself responsible for meeting his daily subsistence expenses,

This per diem enters into force on the date the member of the Commission left his last official station (or his home, in the case of those not in official stations at the time) en route to the present session of the Commission at Lake Success. The per diem terminates on the date when the member of the Commission returns to his official station (or his home) upon the completion of the work of the Commission. It is understood that stop-overs on personal business or for reasons not directly connected with the work of the Commission cannot be covered by the daily subsistence allowance.

In order to assist Commission members in meeting any possible increase in subsistence costs in the course of the Commission’s work, the Secretary-General has also authorized the Chief Administrative Officer of the Commission to pay direct to the hotel the costs of accommodation and three meals per day in any case where a member of the Commission so requests. In this case Commission members would be entitled to receive 1/3 of the authorized per diem of $60.00. This alternative, however, is entirely optional. It is available to Commission members after prior consultation with the Chief Administrative Officer.

Under United Nations rules subsistence allowances are payable in the currency of the Country in which the Commission is stationed at the time.

Travel Coats

The Chief Administrative Officer of the Commission will be glad to arrange for the prompt reimbursement to Commission members or to their permanent delegations to the United Nations of the cost of their travel to Lake Success, including the appropriate subsistence allowances. Arrangements for all future travel will be made by the Secretariat of the Commission.


The Chief Administrative Officer will be glad to arrange advances against per diem upon written request from members of the Commission.

Local Transportation

To order transportation by car from Manhattan to Lake Success members of the Commission are requested to telephone Fieldstone 7-1100, Extension 756. In view of the limited facilities available to the Secretariat, it is requested that cars be used for official purposes only.

Personal Secretaries

In view of the executive functions which have been entrusted to the Commission by the General Assembly, the Secretary-General has approved the assignment of a personal secretary to each member of the Commission. These secretaries will form part of the Secretariat of the Commission. They will receive the grade appropriate to their qualifications and experience as determined by the Bureau of Personnel, but in any case not exceeding grade 7 ($2890 per annum) which is the authorized grade for personal secretaries of Assistant Secretaries-General. The Chief Administrative Officer will be glad to discuss with the members of the Commission individually the qualifications desired, and to arrange for interviews with United Nations staff members eligible for assignment.


Each member of the Commission will be covered by an accident insurance policy in the sum of $50,000. Insurance against loss of personal baggage up to $1,500 per person has already been established.


The World Health Organization recommends that persons going to Palestine should be immunized against the following diseases: typhoid, typhus, cholera, smallpox, tetanus and diphtheria (in the event of a positive reaction to a “Schick” test). The United Nations Clinic is available for all medical examinations and vaccinations.

Since primary immunization requires two to three doses at varying intervals, members of the Commission are requested to make appointments at the Clinic as soon as possible in order that a personal programme of inoculations may be arranged, Those previously immunized within the past year may only require “boosters.” The Health Clinic will be glad to advise on individual requirements and to make arrangements for physical examinations by the Medical Officer.


The Travel Office of the United Nations is available to members of Commissions, should they so desire, for any assistance in securing the necessary visas and travel permits. It is advisable that these preliminaries be completed as soon as possible. The Chief Administrative Officer will be glad to make the necessary arrangements.


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