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        General Assembly
28 August 2008


Ninth session
Agenda item 7


Written statement* submitted by Organization for Defending Victims of Violence (ODVV),
a non-governmental organization in special consultative status

The Secretary-General has received the following written statement which is circulated in accordance with Economic and Social Council resolution 1996/31.
[23 August 2008]

* This written statement is issued, unedited, in the language(s) received from the submitting non-governmental organization(s).

As a non-political, non-governmental NGO active in the field of Human Rights, the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence (ODVV) expresses its deep concern for the situation of Palestine. Today, after the passage of sixty years of the homelessness, the Palestinian people’s situation is part of the daily international news of the mass media.

The violent and inhuman treatment by Israeli officials and extremist political parties, and armed settler groups with the aim of driving Palestinians from their homes and lands, with the use of force, violence, physical assault and even murdering individuals that made a stand against them. All these have left the Palestinians with bitter memories. And to date nothing has been done to erase these bitter memories.

The formation of Palestinian resistance groups with different objectives and activities and struggling against Israel over the past years on one hand, and the formation of various Israeli hard-line groups with various approaches towards Palestinians on the other hand have all added to the problems of the Palestinians; and if we were to add the polices and objectives of regional groups and states to this, we’ll fully understand why there are lots of problems in the way of the improvement of Palestinian people’s situation and fulfillment of their rights.

Glancing at the Palestinian and Israeli efforts and campaigns to reach a settlement to their age-old differences and reaching lasting peace and the return of the Palestinian refugees back to their lands and ultimately the establishment of an independent Palestine, shows how all the efforts of the two sides are spoiled by rash actions and moves from either side.

Condemning any form of violence in Palestinian territories, such as the firing of a rubber bullet at a Palestinian youth while being searched and detained, the ODVV calls upon the international community to bring about the necessary conditions for lasting peace to be established in the region, and the fulfillment of the rights of the Palestinian people, and also to urge Israel to refrain and restrain from reacting towards Israeli and Palestinian hard-line groups.

While reminding part 3 of the UN General Assembly 60/251 which states: “decides that the Council should address situations of violations of human rights, including gross and systematic violations, and make recommendations thereon. It should also promote effective coordination and the mainstreaming of human rights within the United Nations system”; the ODVV also reminds the Human Rights Council of the critical conditions of the Palestinian people, and calls upon the Council to intervene in this crisis, and prevent the continued daily killings and forced homelessness of the Palestinian people.

Let us for once and for all initiate the right conditions and atmosphere to bring both sides together for talks and find a common solution for the better future of Palestinian refugee children. Let us hope for the establishment of peace which will bring about the necessary conditions for the formation of a legitimate Palestinian government within its territories and with the representation of all the residents of these lands.

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