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        General Assembly
28 September 1994

Forty-ninth session
Agenda item 77


Protection of Palestine refugees

Report of the Secretary-General

1. The present report is submitted to the General Assembly in pursuance of its resolution 48/40 H of 10 December 1993, entitled "Protection of Palestine refugees", the operative paragraphs of which read as follows:

"The General Assembly,
2. On 27 July 1994, the Secretary-General addressed a note verbale to the Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, in which he drew attention to his reporting responsibility under the resolution and requested the Permanent Representative to inform him of any steps his Government had taken or envisaged taking in implementation of the relevant provisions of the resolution.

3. In a note verbale dated 27 July 1994, the Permanent Representative of Israel replied as follows:
4. As set out in his annual report for the period 1 July 1993 to 30 June 1994, 2/ the Commissioner-General of UNRWA has continued his efforts, with the Secretary-General, in support of the safety and security and the legal and human rights of the Palestine refugees in the occupied territory. In this connection, the Agency's refugee affairs officers and legal officers continued to play an important role in assisting to defuse tensions in situations of potential and actual violence, at times involving Israeli settlers, and in preventing maltreatment of the refugees. In this regard, the Agency also provided help to the refugees to cope with day-to-day problems of their life under occupation, which included the provision of legal advice and a measure of financial assistance to needy refugees seeking legal redress. The Commissioner-General has protested to the Israeli authorities against incidents of excessive use of force, collective punishments and other such measures, as a failure on the part of the Israeli military authorities to uphold standards required under international humanitarian law. With the redeployment of the Israeli security forces away from large areas of the Gaza Strip and from the Jericho area, and the consequent decline in violent incidents involving the Israeli security forces and Palestinians in those areas, the passive protection function as outlined above which was provided by the refugee affairs officers in the Gaza Strip and the Jericho area was discontinued by the Agency. A fuller description of the efforts of the Commissioner-General in this regard is contained in his annual report. 2/

5. The annual report of the Commissioner-General of UNRWA to the General Assembly reviews the efforts UNRWA has made during the period to continue its programme for the repair and reconstruction of refugee shelters. 3/

6. There has been no progress on the claim by UNRWA against the Government of Israel regarding damage to its property and facilities resulting from the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.


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