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22 March 1950



Held at the Palais de Nations, Geneva,
on Wednesday; 22 March 1950, at 11 a.m.

Mr. de BOISANGER (France)Chairman
Mr. PALMER (United States of America)
Mr. YALCIN (Turkey)
Mr. de AZCARATEPrincipal Secretary

Letters to the Israeli and Egyptian representatives on the subject of the “modus vivendi” covering the Gaza no-man’s land zone.

The CHAIRMAN expressed his approval of the terms of the draft letter to Mr. Rafael, the Israeli representative, prepared by the Secretariat. In the absence of any observations on the part of the other members of the Commission, it was decided to despatch the letter to the addressee forthwith.

In the case of the draft letter to Mr. Mostafa, the Egyptian representative, the Chairman felt that re-wording was necessary. Its terms were too similar to those used in the letter to the Israeli representative and might give the impression that certain objections to the examination of questions relating to the Gaza refugees had emanated from Egypt. It would be advisable, in a fresh draft, to inform Mr. Mostafa that the Commission was sending him the correspondence which had passed between it and the Israeli delegation on the subject; that it stood by its proposals; and that it was furthermore prepared to examine any observations which the Egyptian delegation might submit.

It might reasonably be assumed that the proposed communication, in that form, would induce Mr. Mostafa to specify his delegation’s viewpoint in writing on the proposal to establish a Joint Committee on questions relating to the Gaza refugees.

Mr. PALMER (United States of America) preferred a letter drawn up along the lines indicated by the Chairman to the draft now before the Commission.

Programme for the forthcoming visit to Geneva of the Director of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and the members of the Advisory Commission

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY, in conversation with Mr. Parminter, Acting Director of UNRPR, who had given him confirmation of the fact that the Director of UNRWA and the members of the Advisory Commission would be staying in Geneva from 15 or 16 April next until the following Friday, had provisionally arranged with him, subject to the Conciliation Commission’s approval, to set aside Monday, 17 April, and Friday, 21 April for official contacts with the Commission. In that way, those concerned would have Tuesday, 18 April, and Wednesday, 19 April, free to get in touch with other institutions in Geneva, apart from any individual contacts which the members of the Conciliation Commission might have with them.

The CHAIRMAN, wondered whether it would not be as well to round off the programme by arranging for contact between the Director of the Agency and the members of the Advisory Commission on the one hand, and the Arab representatives or at least some of them, on the other.

Mr. PALMER (United States of America) expressed his full satisfaction with a programme setting aside 17 and 21 April for the members of the Agency. It was a very sensible procedure, he felt, to arrange for them to establish contact with certain delegations.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY said he had received from United Nations Headquarters the summary records of the Preliminary meetings held between Mr. Kennedy, who was not yet Director of the Agency at that time, the members of the Advisory Commission already appointed and other representatives.

Question of blocked Arab accounts

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY recalled that he had been required, on the Commission’s instructions, to ask the delegations for their confidential opinion as to their Governments’ reaction to the suggestion of appointing the Ottoman Bank to act as trustee. Mr. Rafael, the Israeli representative, had informed him in a letter which he had just received that the Israeli Government would be favourably disposed to that appointment. The Arab delegations had not yet communicated their replies. There was no indication as to what their attitude was likely to be.

The meeting rose at 11.45 a.m.

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Refugies de Gaza, programme du séjour de Directeur de l’UNWRA, avoirs bloqués – 38e séance du CCNUP – Compte rendu Français