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"As is"
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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: IMRA
17 November 2003

The following is IMRA's unofficial translation of the Shinui plan unanimously adopted by the Shinui Knesset Faction.

Shinui Plan To Renew The Peace Process

1. The Government of Israel will renew the peace process with the Abu Ala government with the intention of reaching an arrangement in accordance with the Road Map.

2. The Prime Minister will meet with Abu Ala, and ministers of the Government will meet with their counterpart Palestinian ministers in order to bring about cooperation in the matters of their ministries.

3. An unlimited cease-fire will be declared.

4. The Palestinian Authority will make every effort and will be responsible for the ending of terror and the break up of the terror organizations, either by force or by peaceful means. Israel will stop all targeted killing, except against terrorists who continue to initiate and carry out acts of terror.

5. The incitement against Israel and Jews in all the Palestinian media, mosques, public institutions and educational institutions will cease.

6. Israel will permit, in stages, the entrance of Palestinian workers to Israel, with the exception of people who are suspected of belonging to terror organizations. Israel will act for the establishment of centers of employment within the areas of Judea, Samaria and Gaza that will become alternative centers of employment when the day comes.

7. Israel will release in stages the frozen funds of the Authority with American supervision and only if the funds are not used to finance acts of terror.

8. If the ease-fire holds, Israel will replace the settlers in Netzarim with soldiers, with the idea to also evacuate them when the time comes.

9. Israel will remove the illegal outposts, will not erect new outposts and settlements and will not expand those existing, except for the needs of natural growth.

10. The Government will hold new deliberations of the matter of the route of the security fence with the goal of building a simpler and less expensive fence faster.

11. Assuming that the cease-fire holds, Israel will withdraw its encirclement of the cities, remove the roadblocks and the mounds of earth blocking roads with the intention of completely clearing out from Area A, in order to enable the Palestinian residents free movement and self rule.

12. Israel will release the Palestinian prisoners who do not have "blood on their hands" and for whom there is no security reason to hold them, in stages.

With regards to the matter of the future of Netzarim, as it appears in Paragraph 8 of the Shinui Plan To Renew the Peace Process, four members of the faction, Minister Danberg, Deputy Minster Brailovsky and MKs Doron and Yasinov will receive freedom to vote to the extent that this matter comes up in the Knesset Plenum.

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