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        Security Council
1 May 1963

Original: English

Letter dated 1 May 1963 from the representatives of Iraq, Syria and the
United Arab Republic addressed to the Secretary-General

With reference to the letter contained in document S/5297, we have the honour to state the following.

1. In this letter, Israel made certain false allegations regarding the statement on Palestine in the joint declaration of 17 April 1963 by the United Arab Republic, the Syrian Arab Republic and Iraq. This declaration, in fact, has reiterated and reaffirmed a view that our three Governments, separately and jointly, with other Arab and non-Arab Governments, have expressed, in the United Nations or in joint declarations and resolutions adopted in international conferences, to uphold and fully safeguard the rights of the Palestinian people.

2. Israel has consistently violated and disregarded the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Security Council regarding Palestine. While no Arab Government has ever been condemned for aggression, Israel has been condemned five times by the Security Council for premeditated military attacks. The most glaring example of Israel's acts of aggression has been the attack on Egypt hi 1956, which was roundly condemned by the international community.

3. The record of Israel, therefore, hardly qualifies it to accuse others of violations of the United Nations Charter and threats to international peace and security. No other member of the United Nations has such a consistent record of aggression, violation and lawless-ness.

4. In view of this Israeli record of aggression, there can be no question of the right of our people to protect themselves against the danger of Zionism, the expansionist aims of which have never been concealed. It will suffice in this connexion to quote what Mr. Ben Gurion stated in the book Rebirth and Destiny of Israel that "I add now that Israel has been established in only a portion of the land of Israel."

5. It is quite evident that, in raising the question now, Israel is in fact covering up for possible military action against the Arab States. This belief is reinforced by recent statements of Israeli officials and Zionist leaders threatening to invade Jordan. This is not the first time that Israel has pursued such manoeuvres to cover up its plans for aggressive action. The members of the United Nations are aware of the numerous past instances when Israel advanced claims or expressed fears which were unfounded and which proved to be a cover for its own aggressive designs.

6. It is also evident that Israel does not wish to see the Arab people united, and has endeavoured to distort the aims and purposes of Arab unity which has always been one of the most cherished goals of the Arab Nation. Our Governments deem it necessary to draw the attention of the Security Council to these Israeli aggressive intentions which endanger international peace and security.

We have the honour to request that this letter be circulated to the members of the Security Council.

(Signed) Adnan PACHACHI
Permanent Representative of Iraq
to the United Nations
(Signed) Najmuddine RIFAI
Deputy Permanent Representative of Syria
to the United Nations
(Signed) Mahmoud RIAD
Permanent Representative of the United Arab Republic
to the United Nations

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