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Source: Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH)
29 June 2002
Source: Temporary International Presence in Hebron
29 Jun 2002

TIPH distributing food under curfew in Hebron

TIPH has distributed 4000 bags of bread to Palestinian families in Hebron today. Palestinians have been prevented from purchasing essential food supplies since the curfew was imposed on 25 June. TIPH has therefore bought and delivered bags of bread all over Hebron in cooperation with the Hebron municipality. The curfew has also hampered medical personnel and ambulances in performing their duties.

The Israeli Defence Forces demolished the headquarters of Palestinian Police Forces in central Hebron yesterday at 23:10. There was a second explosion at 03:15. Both explosions shook the TIPH premises, located less than two kilometers north of the PPF HQ.

The headquarters had been under siege since the IDF had invaded the H1 part of Hebron on 25 June. The IDF had informed the TIPH that 10-15 wanted Palestinian men were in the building, and were refusing to leave it. It is not yet clear whether the wanted men were in the building or not during the explosion.

The TIPH had monitored the situation around the PPF HQ during daylight hours but was not present when the building was destroyed.

TIPH was established as part of an agreement between Israel and the PLO. The Hebron Protocol divided the responsibility for security in the city into a Palestinian (H-1) and an Israeli (H-2) controlled area.

The TIPH notes that the IDF have now taken over security responsibilities for the whole city. In a letter to the IDF, the TIPH has called for a lifting of the curfew and for the IDF to withdraw from the H-1 area.

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Ib Knutsen Senior Press and Information Officer
TIPH - Temporary International Presence in the city of Hebron Press and Information Office
Email: International
tel: + (972 2) 59 202 828 From Israel tel: 059 202 828
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