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Source: Secretary-General
1 May 2003

New York, 30 April 2003 -
Secretary-General's press encounter following the
Security Council meeting on the role of the UN
in post-conflict situations (unofficial transcript)

SG: Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.

As you know, the Quartet has handed over formally the Road Map to the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority. Obviously they would wish to review the document and the Quartet would want to discuss with them the next steps in the implementation of the Roadmap. Obviously this Road Map I believe offers the two parties a chance to bring an end to a long and painful conflict and I hope as we press ahead with its implementation, both parties will embrace it and see it as an opportunity to put an end to this conflict.

Q: Do you have any misgivings whatsoever about the Road Map, that's number one, and number two, in the Council earlier, you talked about the need to end the isolation of the Iraqi people as soon as possible. Does that mean that you are calling for the lifting of the sanctions?

SG: Let me say, on your first question, which was on the Roadmap, I believe the Roadmap does really offer a chance for us to move forward, and it is a product of the four partners – the United States, the European Union, the Russian Federation and the UN. And lots of effort has gone into it. There has been lots of consultations. Obviously the parties may want to, after they have reviewed it, may seek some clarifications, but I think it does offer a real way forward, which I think if it is embraced can move the process forward.


Q: Mr. Secretary-General, on the Road Map, you talk about today being the day when the Road Map is published. Is that going to be literally true, are you really going to publish the Road Map, are we going to see it on a piece of paper so we can all read it and see what everyone's supposed to do under it?

SG: Yes, I think it has now been given formally to the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and my expectation is that, given that this has been done, that it is going to become a public document.

Q: When would we get that, soon I hope?

SG: I hope so. I can't give you a specific answer but I hope so.

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