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9 February 1948



9 February 1948

(Sources: New York Times at New York Herald Tribune)

Jerusalem, Feb. 8 - Approximately 15,000 uniformed and equipped troops from the Arab states have crossed into Palestine, according to estimates gathered in trips to points where there forces are concentrated.

One or two truckloads of the Syrian-trained troops cross the frontier daily - 300 to 500 fighting teen a week. They appear to be massing more for attack, than for defense, at points from which they might out in two the proposed Jewish state. This would wedge Jewish defenses into two triangular enclaves, one around Tel Aviv and the other around Haifa.

Although there has been talk in Jerusalem that the Arabs have set February 15 as “D-Day” there is no talk of a fixed date at the places where the troops are concentrated. (A.P., N.Y. Times)

Damascus, Feb. 7 - Jamal el-Hussein, deputy chairman of the Arab Higher Committee, declared here last night that if the United States or the United Nations send troops to Palestine to enforce partition, the governments of the Arab League states will be forced by public opinion to send their regular armies into action.

Despite King Ibn Saud’s promise that he would protect United States oil interests, Mr. el-Husseini said: “I doubt whether the ring would be able to do so if an attempt were made to enforce partition.” (N.Y. Times)

Cairo, Feb. 7 - The Council of the Arab League held the opening session of its current meeting tonight and d in a communique that Palestine would be a main topic of discussion.

A League source said that Ismail Safwat, newly-appointed commander of the “Arab Liberation Army, had been summoned to Cairo for consultations. Haj Amin el-Huseini, ex-Mufti of Jerusalem, arrived here from Damascus where he had been conferring with Arab military leaders on the organization of anti-partition strategy in Palestine. (A.P., N.Y. Herald Tribune)

Jerusalem, Feb. 7 - Eliezer Kaplan, Treasurer of the Jewish Agency, announced that plans have been made to bring 75,000 immigrants to the partitioned Holy Laud this Year and 400,000 in, the next four years. (A. P., N.Y. Herald Tribune)

Jerusalem: Feb. 7 - A police report tonight accused Arabs of cutting both arms and an ear off a Jew in an attack on a food convoy in upper Galilee near the Lebanese border. The victim died before reaching a hospital.

Although this is the first atrocity stag reported by the police, that area has been the scene of a constant source of minor fights and attacks. Casualties for Feb. 7, as reported by the police, totaled four Jews and one Arab killed. [casualties for Feb. 8 totaled four Arabs and five Jews killed.] (Brewer, N.Y. Times)

Jerusalem, Feb. 8 - Arabs have snuggled 30 tons of high explosive into as area of the Old City, a spokesmen of the Jewish Agency said today. According to this report, which has not been corroborated, this great store lhs all been brought in within the past ten days. (Brewer, N.Y. Times)

Tel Aviv, Feb. 7 - Haganah is building a powerful radio station to broadcast Jewish propaganda over the entire Middle East, Jewish sources said. The location is being kept secret to prevent British action against an illegal transmitter, but Haganah said the station will be in operation “within a few days.” (Turner, N.Y. Herald Tribune)

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