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24 April 1996
.  Support for the rule of law

Approval by OHCHR:  24 April 1996
Implementing agency:   OHCHR

OHCHR contribution:   US$ 3,205,223

Activities:  Assistance to the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) on law reform (inheritance, disabled, administration of justice) ongoing.  Assistance to the Palestinian Independent Commission for Citizens’ Rights (PICCR) provided to strengthen its research, monitoring and outreach capacity, to conduct legal research and analysis in 10 areas of legislation, and to provide training to members and staff of PLC.  PICCR activities under the legal reform grant completed (legal analysis conducted and workshops organized on Basic Law and laws concerning prisons, judicial authority, public gatherings, police forces and firearms, the criminal code, press and publications, associations, social welfare, juvenile justice) and proceedings of most workshops published.  Assistance provided to:  (a) the Palestinian Association for Legal Sciences (PAOS) to review the criminal procedure code - study by PALS and two consultative workshops completed; (b) the Law Institute of Bir Zeit University to conduct research on sources of legislation - research completed and published as a handbook for lawmakers and the public; (c) Mashraqiyyat to conduct legal research and consultations on development of personal status law - study completed and recommendations for Palestinian legislators formulated.  Training on human rights and law enforcement provided to the Palestinian Police Force in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and curriculum finalized, and preparations for the development of standing orders ongoing.  Assistance to the Palestinian Society for the Protection of Human Rights and the Environment provided to establish a Women’s Rights Unit (ongoing).  Participated in several NGO workshops on women, labour, disabled people, elections, social security, role of NGOs, the International Criminal Court, international human rights and humanitarian law, housing rights, democracy and the rule of law, and judicial institutions.  Assistance provided to develop a Palestinian national plan of action on human rights, as follows:  development of a working paper and framework for the formulation of the plan, consultations and workshops with relevant ministries and civil society organizations, and recruitment of consultants to develop six sectoral strategies.  Participation in Ministry of Higher Education workshop on integration of human rights into university curricula.  Preparations for training of judges and prosecutors, and members and staff of PLC under way.  Participation in two international conferences on human rights in Gaza and Nazareth.  Participation in United Nations inter-agency meetings and in Inter-Agency Gender Task Force ongoing.  Second project monitoring mission completed. 

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