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        Security Council
3 February 1988




Pursuant to rule 11 of the provisional rules of procedure of the Security Council, the Secretary-General is submitting the following summary statement.

The list of items of which the Security Council is seized is contained in documents S/19420 of 11 January 1988.

During the week ending 30 January 1988, the Security Council took action on the following items:

The situation in the occupied Arab territories (see S/11935/Add.18, S/11935/Add.19, S/11935/Add.20, S/11935/Add.21, S/11935/Add.44, S/11935/Add.45, S/13033/Add.9, S/13033/Add.10, S/13033/Add.11, S/13033/Add.28, S/13737/Add.7, S/13737/Add.8, S/13737/Add.18, S/13737/Add.20, S/13737/Add.22, S/13737/Add.50, S/14326/Add.50, S/14840/Add.1, S/14840/Add.2, S/14840/Add.3, S/14840/Add.4, S/14840/Add.12, S/14840/Add.13, S/14840/Add.15, S/14840/Add.16, S/14840/Add.45, S/15560/Add.6, S/15560/Add.7, S/15560/Add.20, S/15560/Add.30, S/15560/Add.31, S/16880/Add.36, S/17725/Add.3, S/17725/Add.4, S/17725/Add.48, S/17725/Add.49, S/18570/Add.49, S/18570/Add.50, S/18570/Add.51, S/19420/Add.1 and S/19420/Add.2)

The Security Council resumed its consideration of the item at its 2785th to 2787th meetings, on 27 and 28 January 1988, having before it the report, dated 21 January 1988, submitted by the Secretary-General pursuant to Security Council 605 (1987) of 22 December 1987 (S/19443).

In the course of the meetings, the President, with the consent of the Council, invited the representative of Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Malaysia, Morocco, Qatar, the Sudan and the Syrian Arab Republic, at their request, to participate in the discussion without the right to vote.

At the 2895th meeting, the President drew attention to the request contained in a letter dated 27 January 1988 from the Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations (S/19455) that the Permanent Observer of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to the United Nations be invited to participate in the debate. He said that that proposal was not formulated under rule 37 or rule 39 of the provisional rules of procedure of the Security Council but that, if the Council were to adopt the proposal, the invitation would confer on the PLO the same rights of participation as those conferred on Member States invited pursuant to rule 37.

Following discussion, the Security Council adopted the proposal by 10 votes in favour to 1 against (United States of America), with 4 abstentions (France, Germany, Federal Republic of, Italy and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

In response to the request dated 26 January 1988 from the Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the United Nations (S/19453), the Security Council extended an invitation under rule 39 of its provisional rules of procedure to Mr. Syed Sharifuddin Pirzada at the 2785th meeting, on 27 January 1988.

In response to the request dated 26 January 1988 from the Permanent Representative of Algeria to the United Nations (S/19456), the Security Council extended an invitation under rule 39 of its provisional rules of procedure to Mr. Clovis Maksoud, at the 2785th meeting, on 27 January 1988.

The situation in the Middle East (see S/7913, S/7923, S/7976, S/8000, S/8048, S/8066, S/8215, S/8242, S/8252, S/8269, S/8502, S/8525, S/8534, S/8564, S/8575, S/8584, S/8595, S/8747, S/8753, S/8807, S/8815, S/8828, S/8836, S/8885, S/8896, S/8960, S/9123, S/9135, S/9319, S/9382, S/9395, S/9406, S/9427 and Corr.1, S/9449, S/9452, S/9805, S/9812, S/9930, S/10327, S/10341, S/10554, S/10557, S/10703, S/10721, S/10729, S/10743, S/10770/Add.4, S/10855/Add.15, S/10855/Add.16, S/10855/Add.23, S/10855/Add.24, S/10855/Add.29, S/10855/Add.30, S/10855/Add.33, S/10855/Add.41, S/10855/Add.43, S/10855/Add.44, S/11185/Add.14, S/11185/Add.15, S/11185/Add.16, S/11185/Add.21, S/11185/Add.42/Rev.1, S/11185/Add.47, S/11593/Add.15, S/11593/Add.21, S/11593/Add.29, S/11593/Add.42, S/11593/Add.49, S/11935/Add.21, S/11935/Add.42, S/11935/Add.48, S/12269/Add.12, S/12269/Add.13, S/12269/Add.21, S/12269/Add.42, S/12269/Add.48, S/12520/Add.10, S/12520/Add.11, S/12520/Add.17, S/12520/Add.21, S/12520/Add.37, S/12520/Add.39, S/12520/Add.42, S/12520/Add.47, S/12520/Add.48, S/13033/Add.2, S/13033/Add.16, S/13033/Add.19, S/13033/Add.41, S/13033/Add.23, S/13033/Add.34, S/13033/Add.47, S/13033/Add.50, S/13737/Add.15, S/13737/Add.16, S/13737/Add.21, S/13737/Add.24, S/13737/Add.25, S/13737/Add.26, S/13737/Add.33, S/13737/Add.47, S/13737/Add.50, S/14326/Add.10, S/14326/Add.11, S/14326/Add.20, S/14326/Add.24, S/14326/Add.28, S/14326/Add.29, S/14326/Add.47, S/14326/Add.50, S/14840/Add.8, S/14840/Add.21, S/14840/Add.22, S/14840/Add.23, S/14840/Add.24, S/14840/Add.25, S/14840/Add.27, S/14840/Add.30, S/14840/Add.31, S/14840/Add.32, S/14840/Add.33, S/14840/Add.37, S/14840/Add.42, S/14840/Add.48, S/15560/Add.1, S/15560/Add.21, S/15560/Add.29. S/15560/Add.37, S/15560/Add.42, S/15560/Add.45, 8/15560/Add.47, S/15560/Add.48, S/16270/Add.6, S/16270/Add.8, S/16270/Add.15, S/16270/Add.20. S/16270/Add.21, S/16270/Add.34, S/16270/Add.35, S/16270/Add.40. S/16270/Add.47, S/16880/Add.8, S/16880/Add.9,S/16880/Add.10, S/16880/Add.15, S/16880/Add.20, S/16880/Add.21, S/16880/Add.41, S/16880/Add.46, S/17725/Add.29, S/17725/Add.15, S/17725/Add.21, S/17725/Add.28, S/17725/Add.35, S/17725/Add.37, S/17725/Add.38, S/17725/Add.43, S/17725/Add.47, S/18570/Add.2, S/18570/Add.21, S/18570/Add.30, S/18570/Add.47, S/19420/Add.2 and S/19420/Add.3)

At its 2788th meeting, on 29 January 1988, the Security Council resumed its consideration of the item, having before it the report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) covering the period 25 July 1987 to 22 January 1988 (S/19445).

The President drew attention to the text of a draft resolution S/19461, which was prepared in the course of the Council's consultations.

The Security Council then proceeded to vote on the draft resolution (S/19461) and adopted it unanimously as resolution 609 (1988).

Resolution 609 (1988) reads as follows:


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