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Source: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
30 September 1980

 UNESCO   General Conference
          Twenty-first Session, Belgrade 1980          

21 C/97
30 September 1980

Item 59 of the agenda

Jerusalem And The Implementation Of 20 C/Resolution 4/7.6/13

The Director-General submits to the General Conference a
report on the application of resolution 4/7.6/13
adopted by the General Conference at its twentieth session,
on communications he has received concerning Jerusalem
and on the action taken as a result of those communications
and of decisions 4.5.7 and 5.5.1 adopted by the Executive
Board at its 107th session (May 1979) and at its 109th
session (April©June 1980), respectively.



I - Resolutions adopted by the General Conference at its
twentieth session and decisions taken by the Executive
Board at its l07th and l09th sessions ................ 3

II - Communications received by the Director-General
concerning Jerusalem ................................. 3

III - Missions to Jerusalem by the Director-General's
personal representative .............................. l7

IV - Developments since l967 with regard to the
safeguarding of monuments in Jerusalem ............... 24


The Director-General, in order to fulfil his role in carrying out the wishes expressed by the General Conference, instructed Professor Raymond Lemaire, resident of ICOMOS and professor at the University of Louvain, to visit Jerusalem. Professor Lemaire did so on two occasions from 1 to 4 April l979 and from 5 to 11 March l980. These missions were carried out with the agreement of the Government of Israel in pursuance of 20 C/Resolution 4/7.6/13.

The Director-General put before the Executive Board the following report by Professor Lemaire on the mission he had carried out from 1 to 4 April l979:

Persons met

Professor Mazar

Professor Avigad

Mr. A. Extan, Director of Antiquities

On the Arab side:

(i) The excavations

(iii) The operations at the Moors' Gate of the Haram-El-Sharif

(iv) The Abou Medienne Zawiya

20. The points noted and the opinions reached by Professor
Lemaire as a result of this mission are as follows:

"A. The archaeological excavations in the various sectors

(a) The excavations near the Haram-al-Sharif

(b) Excavations in the 'Jewish Quarter'

(c) Excavations in the 'city of David'

(d) Dig envisaged for l980

B. Operations in the Old City

(a) The restoration of the 'Jewish quarter'

C. The historic site of Jerusalem


21. In pursuance of decision 4.5.7 adopted by the Executive
Board at its 107th session, the Director-General instructed
Professor Lemaire to prepare a report on the safeguarding of the
cultural heritage in Jerusalem since 1967. That report, covering
developments in the situation from 1967 to the time of the
mission carried out by Professor Lemaire from 5 to 10 March 1980,
is reproduced below:

"A. Excavations

(a) Excavations that have been systematically and
scientifically planned

(c) Excavations on the Ophel

(d) The 'tunnel'

B. Changes in the city and site of Jerusalem

22. The Director-General wished to bring to the notice of the
General Conference all the information available to him as at 8
July 1980. He is deeply aware of the outstanding importance of
the cultural heritage of Jerusalem and will continue to do
everything in his power to preserve this universal heritage, in
particular by maintaining the presence of Unesco in Jerusalem.

Annex I - Resolution 21 C/4/14 (l980)

Annex II - Decision 4.5.7 adopted by the Executive Board at its
107th Session ( May 1979 )

Annex III - Decision 5.5.1 adopted by the Executive Board at its
109th Session ( May 1980 )

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