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Source: Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
16 November 2004


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OCHA Weekly Briefing Notes
Update for oPt (10 - 16 November 2004)

INSIDEINSIDE: Casualties -- Incidents involving ambulances -- Curfew -- House demolition/Demolition orders/People displaced -- Land levelling/Requisitions -- Closures/restrictions on movement -- Access to schools -- Labour movement to Israel -- Other -- Appendix

1. Casualties
Palestinians: Deaths: 9
Injured: 26 (approximate) Israelis:
Deaths: 0 Injured: 7 (approximate)

Sources: OCHA FCU, PRCS, UNRWA, IDF website, Israeli MoFA.

2. Incidents involving ambulances and medical teams

No incidents reported.

Sources: OCHA FCU, PRCS, Palestinian MoH

3. Curfews
Curfew was reported in the following locations:

Number of days/hours
10 NovemberPart of Tuqu' village, Bethlehem
2 hours
10 to 11 NovemberJenin Refugee camp
1½ days
13 NovemberBurqa village, Nablus district
6 hours

Sources: OCHA FCU, Village Councils, UNRWA, Palestinian DCL

4. House demolitions/Demolition orders/People displaced

West Bank and Gaza:

No incidents reported.


5. Land levelling/Requisitions1

West Bank:
Sources: OCHA FCU, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, UNRWA, Palestinian DCL, Village Council

6. Closure2/Restrictions on movement

The Israeli authorities imposed a tight closure over the entire West Bank and Gaza Strip after the announcement of the death of Yasser Arafat.

Tulkarm/Qalqiliya/Salfit governorates:
Nablus/Jenin/Tubas governorates:
Ramallah/Al Bireh governorates:
Jerusalem/Jericho governorates:
Jerusalem Envelope Barrier:

Hebron/Bethlehem governorates:
Movement in the Governorates of Hebron and Bethlehem was restricted with all checkpoints preventing Palestinian vehicular traffic from crossing. Those with permits for Israel/Jerusalem were also not allowed to pass. Many flying checkpoints were set up at main junctions across bypass roads in Hebron district such as those of Al Khadr -- Husan, Sa'ir -- Halhul, Dura-Al Fawwar. The tunnel under bypass Road 35 to Beit Kahil, Hebron Governorate, was restricted while movement was limited on bypass Roads 60, 35, 317 hampering the movement of Palestinians between the different areas of the two districts.

The enclosed areas in the Gaza strip:
Source OCHA FCUs and UNRWA

7. Olive Harvest incidents

No incidents reported.

Sources: OCHA FCU, UNRWA, Palestinian DCL

8. Access to schools:

West Bank:
• All schools and universities have been closed since 11 November in mourning for Yasser Arafat. This will last until 20 November.
• Due to the current UNRWA national staff strike, all classes in UNRWA West Bank schools are suspended.

Sources: OCHA FCU, UNRWA, UNICEF, Palestinian DCL

• During the reported period, the 24 pupils living in As-Seafa were not able to reach their schools on time. They were delayed leaving through the As Seafa gate until late morning. Upon return, the pupils were delayed for four hours before being permitted to re-enter through the gate at 3:30pm.


9. Labour/trade movement to Israel

Tulkarm/Qalqiliya/Salfit governorates:
• All movement into Israel proper was suspended indefinitely after the death of Yasser Arafat on 11 November.

• A total of 5,166 permits have been issued for workers and 226 permits for traders aged 35 and older including 2,000 permits to stay overnight. However, only a small number of traders have been allowed access.

Sources: OCHA FCU, UNRWA, UNSCO, Palestinian DCL

10. Other:

15 November: A construction materials shop burned in Jenin city after the IDF used explosives to open the shop’s door.
10 November: A 14-year-old Palestinian boy was injured during clashes with the IDF in Jenin refugee camp.
10 and 16 November: Several houses were occupied in Jenin refugee camp and Jenin city as part of an operation that began on 28 October. The residents were forced to leave their houses. The occupation period varied between 10 hours to six days.
16 November: During clashes, the IDF destroyed the main electricity transformer in El Far’a refugee camp (Tubas). The transformer serves the refugee camp (population 7,000) and the water pump servicing the camp.
• IDF search-and-arrest operations took place during the week in the following locations: Nablus city, Askar camp (Nablus), Jenin refugee camp, Jenin city and Rujeib village (Nablus). Forty-two Palestinians were reported arrested in these operations.

16 November: A Palestinian was shot by the IDF near the DCO checkpoint in Qalqiliya after a car pursuit on Road 55 from An Nabi Elyas. According to PRCS in Qalqiliya, the person was subsequently hospitalised in Israel and has not been confirmed dead.
16 November: According to the governor’s office in Qalqilya, farmers were denied access through the Zufin gate despite having a valid green permit.

Ramallah /Al Bireh
11 November: A mourning strike was observed in the Ramallah Governorate, as in the rest of the oPt, after the announcement of the death of Yasser Arafat. People started gathered in the Muqata’ to mark his passing.
12 November: From the early morning, demonstrations were held in Ramallah as thousands of people made their way to the Muqata’ for Yasser Arafat’s burial. From 13 to 15 November, thousands of individuals and hundreds of delegations arrived at the Muqata’ to give condolences to the PA and PLO leadership. A 40-day mourning period was announced.

11 November: Palestinians stoned IDF soldiers stationed at Ar Ram checkpoint. The IDF did not retaliate. No injuries were reported.
11 November: Following Yasser Arafat’s death, there were support demonstrations, followed by clashes with Israeli security forces in East Jerusalem, Shu’fat, Shu’fat refugee camp and in the Old City. No injuries were reported. A total of three Palestinians were reported arrested.
12 November: Following additional access restrictions to Al Aqsa during Ramadan that limited access to Palestinian Jerusalem ID holders older than 45 years of age, dozens of youth tried to enter the holy site. Clashes with Israeli security forces erupted. No injuries were reported. One Palestinian was reported arrested.
12 November: Eleven Palestinians trying to enter the Temple Mount were arrested by Israeli police forces.
13 November: Palestinian youths threw stones at Israeli police in Al ‘Isawiya, East Jerusalem. One Israeli policeman was reported injured.

10 November: One Palestinian minor was injured and hospitalised in Yatta, Hebron district, due to an explosion of a suspicious device.
11 November: The IDF shot dead one Palestinian and injured three in Beit Ummar town, Hebron district, during clashes with the IDF following the announcement of the death of Yasser Arafat.
14 November: Four Israeli settlers were lightly injured near the settlement of Mizad B, Hebron district, when an explosive device was thrown at their vehicle.
10 November to date: Search-and-arrest campaigns took place in Hebron city, Yatta, Dura, Bethlehem and Al Ma'sara. Six Palestinians were arrested in total.

12 November: Two Israelis were wounded when five mortar shells were fired from Khan Younis toward Neveh Dekalim settlement.

Sources: OCHA FCUs, UNRWA, UNSECCORD, UNSCO, Palestinian DCLs, Palestinian Governors’ offices, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights, IDF


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