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        Security Council
27 May 1975


The Chief of Staff of UNTSO has submitted the following additional special report on developments in the Israel-Lebanon sector on 25 May 1975.

1. A complaint was received from the Lebanese authorities stating that on the morning of 25 May 1975 Israel artillery fire and rockets and bombs from Israel jet aircraft fell in the vicinity of Aazsiye (AMR 1716-2871), 1/ Aita Ez Zoutt (AMR 1885-2865) and other locations in Lebanese territory, wounding three soldiers id causing damage to material and cultivation. An inquiry was requested. The Chief of Staff of UNTSO authorized an inquiry to be conducted by United Nations military observers.

2. The inquiry took place on 26 May from 0925 to 1300 hours GMT. A representative of the Senior Lebanese Delegate to the Israel-Lebanon Mixed Armistice Commission accompanied the inquiry team. The military observers interviewed witnesses in the area and examined evidence presented to them.

3. Three witnesses in the village of Aazziye stated that Israel forces jet aircraft attacked targets in the area on 25 May from approximately 0815 to hours GMT in three to six strikes. The military observers saw in the area fragments of 20mm shells with Israeli markings, shell craters and damaged 122 mm guns.

4. Two witnesses in the village of Aita Ez Zoutt stated that artillery shells I impacted in the area at approximately 0600 hours GMT and that an attack by Israel I forces jet aircraft occurred at approximately 0900 hours GMT. The military observers saw in the area fragments and craters from aircraft rockets and artillery shells. They also saw recently damaged waterpipes, telephone lines and pine trees.

5. In this connexion, it should be mentioned that OP Hin (AMR 1770-2790) reported hearing explosions attributable to an air attack north of the OP at 0835 hours GMT. OP Ras (AMR 1920-2785) reported hearing explosions and seeing smoke attributable to an air attack north-north-west of the OP between 0924 and 0927 hours GMT.

6. On the basis of the results of the inquiry, the complaint is confirmed in so far as damage to material and cultivation is concerned.


1/ AMR - approximate map reference.

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