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        General Assembly
A/RES/1874 (S-IV)
27 June 1963

1874 (S-IV). General principles to serve as guidelines for the sharing of the costs of furture peace-keeping operations involving heavy expenditures

The General Assembly,

Noting with appreciation the report of the Working Group on the Examination of the Administrative and Budgetary Procedures of the United Nations 1/ submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 1954 B(XVII) of 19 December 1962,

Recognizing the necessity of sharing equitably the financial burden of peace-keeping operations to the extent not otherwise covered by agreed arrangements,

1. Affirms that the following principles, inter alia, shall serve as guidelines for the equitable sharing, by assessed or voluntary contributions or a combination thereof, of the costs of peace-keeping operations involving heavy expenditures that may be initiated in the future:

(a) The financing of such operations is the collective responsibility of all States Members of the United Nations;

(b) Whereas the economically more developed countries are in a position to make relatively larger contributions, the economically less developed countries have a relatively limited capacity to contribute towards peace-keeping operations involving heavy expenditures;

(c) Without prejudice to the principle of collective responsibility, every effort should be make to encourage voluntary contributions from Member States;

(d) The special responsibilities of the permanent members of the Security Council for the maintenance of peace and security should be borne in mind in connexion with their contributions to the financing of peace and security operations;

(e) Where, circumstances warrant, the General Assembly should give special consideration to the situation of any Member States which are victims of, and those which are otherwise involved in, the events or actions leading to a peace-keeping operation;

2. Considers that suitable administrative procedures should be established to ensure that provision for the financing of a peace-keeping operation is made by the General Assembly at the time the operation is authorized;

3. Requests the Secretary-General to review in consultation with the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, as appropriate, suitable administrative procedures designed to improve the financial procedures to be followed by the General Assembly at the time peace-keeping operations are authorized, and to report to the Assembly at its eighteenth session on eh results of this review and any recommendations he may wish to take regarding procedures to be followed in eh future.

1205th plenary meeting,

27 June 1963.

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