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Source: Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
27 September 2005


P.O. Box 38712 East Jerusalem
Phone: (972) 2 – 5829962 / 5825853, Fax: (972) 2 – 5825841,

Protection of Civilians - Weekly Briefing Notes

21 - 27 September 2005

Protection – Deaths and injuries . Shelter and Property – People displaced, House demolitions, Demolition orders . Natural Resources - Land levelling, Requisitions, Tree Uprooting . Restrictions on Medical Assistance - Incidents involving safety and movement of ambulances, medical teams, humanitarian organisations . Access and Movement for Civilians - Curfews, Access to education, Access to employment, Closures/Movement restrictions . Additional Protection Issues

Of note this week:
There was an escalation of violence this week in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank resulting in an increase in the number of Palestinian and Israeli causalities. In the Gaza Strip, IDF aerial attacks also caused property and infrastructure damage while in the West Bank IDF search and arrest campaigns led to a large number of Palestinian arrests.
• Israel withdrew from the remaining two settlements in the northern West Bank after Israeli disengagement.

1. Physical Protection1

Casualty Incidents:
22 September: The IDF injured a Palestinian at Beit Furik checkpoint, Nablus.
22 September: The IDF killed a 19-year-old Palestinian and injured another Palestinian near Dotan military post, Jenin. The Palestinians were in the proximity of the military post while the IDF were dismantling the post.
23 September: The IDF entered ‘Illar village, Tulkarm, and surrounded a house where Palestinians wanted by the IDF were believed to be located. An exchange of fire took place resulting in the death of three Palestinians.
23 September: Israeli security contractors along the Barrier opened fire and injured one Palestinian form Beit Amin, Qalqiliya, while he was working on his land near the Barrier.
24 September: Palestinian militants opened fire at the Israeli DCO in Tulkarm. The IDF returned fire and one Palestinian was injured.
24 September: Three Israeli activists were injured by settlers from the Israeli settlement of Susya, Hebron. The three activists were attacked while they were escorting Palestinian farmers who had been denied access to their land by the settlers.
24 September: Palestinians militants opened fire at IDF soldiers at Beit Iba checkpoint, Nablus. The IDF returned fire and injured three Palestinian bystanders.
24 September: Palestinian militants fired 22 home made rockets from Beit Hanoun, the Gaza Strip, at the Israeli western Negev town of Sderot. Six Israelis were wounded.
24 September: The IAF fired rockets at Jabalia camp and Al Zaitoun area, the Gaza Strip. Three Palestinians were injured.
24 September: The IAF fired a rocket targeting a Palestinian vehicle traveling northeast of Al Zaitoun area, the Gaza Strip. Two Palestinians were killed.
24 September: A 14-year-old Palestinian boy from Halaweh village, Hebron, died from injuries he sustained on 17 August 2005 when an Israeli UXO in an adjacent area to his village exploded.
24 September: The IAF fired a rocket at a house in Khan Younis, the Gaza Strip, injuring two Palestinians.
25 September: The IAF fired a rocket targeting a Palestinian vehicle traveling on the Coastal road in Gaza City, the Gaza Strip; two Palestinians were killed and another three injured.
25 September: The IAF fired a rocket at Al Akram Islamic School in the Al Tuffah neighborhood of Gaza City, the Gaza Strip. 20 Palestinians including women and children were wounded by shrapnel and flying debris.
25 September: One Palestinian was injured when an IDF patrol ran him over at the entrance of Bal’a village, Tulkarm.
26 September: The IAF fired a rocket at the main entrance of Beit Hanoun, the Gaza Strip, injuring one Palestinian woman.
26 September: Palestinian militants kidnapped and killed an Israeli man from Pisgat Ze’ev settlement, Jerusalem. The body of the Israeli was discovered near Ramallah on the 26 September.

1 Three Israeli injuries were due to attack from Israeli settlers.

2. Shelter and Property

• 27 September: The IDF demolished one house in Qabatiya town, Jenin, during a search and arrest campaign. The house was shelter for eight persons.
• The damage/demolition of the remaining structures reported this week occurred during IAF rocket attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Other shelter/property related incidents:
22 September: The IDF delivered a ‘cease construction’ order on a Palestinian house that being constructed in Jinsafut, Qalqiliya. The IDF stated that the building was being built without a permit.
26 and 27 September: The IAF targeted three access routes into Beit Hanuon in the northern Gaza Strip resulting in damage to two bridges.
• IDF occupation of Palestinian homes in H2 area, Hebron City, continued to take place during the reporting period. IDF soldiers occupied 12 houses for a period of between 12-36 hours during the week.

3. Natural Resources

Land levelling/Requisitions/Tree Uprooting2

Nablus, Jenin and Tubas Governorates:
• No incidents to report.

Tulkarm Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
Qalqiliya Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
Salfit Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
Ramallah / Al Bireh Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
Hebron Governorate:
• 22 September: The IDF issued requisition order, T/164/05, for 13 dunums (1.3 hectares) of agricultural land belonging to Palestinian farmers from the villages of Imneizil and Haribat an Nabi. According to the order the requisitioned land will be used to build passage on the area where the Barrier crosses Road No. 316
25 September: In an area adjacent to the Israeli settlements of Adora, IDF bulldozers started levelling agricultural land belonging to farmers from the Palestinian town of Tarqumiya. According to a previous requisition order received the land will be used to create security buffer zone around the settlement.
• Ongoing incidents:
Bethlehem Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
Jerusalem Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
Jericho Governorate:
• No incidents to report.

The Gaza Strip:
• No incidents to report.
2 4 dunums = 1 acre; 10 dunums = 1 hectare

4. Access for Medical Assistance

West Bank:

3 This incident was not previously reported. The incident is not however included in medical access incidents for the reporting period.

19 September (previously unreported): A PRCS ambulance was delayed at Jericho DCO checkpoint, Jericho, for 168 minutes.
25 September: A PCRS ambulance was delayed at Jaljoulia checkpoint, Qalqiliya, for 20 minutes.

5. Access and Movement for Civilians

a) Curfew

22 September: The IDF imposed curfew on Deir Istiya for four hours during a search campaign.
24 September: The IDF imposed curfew on Jamma’in for four hours during a search campaign.

b) Access to Education
24 - 25 September: The new checkpoint which was constructed at the entrance of Ar Ramadin village last week denied movement to 25 teachers travelling to their schools.
• Ongoing incidents:
b) Access to Employment
Since 24 September the IDF have imposed a total closure on the West Bank & Gaza Strip. No permit holders were allowed access to Israel.

West Bank: September

The Gaza Strip:
As of 9 September, the total number of Gaza Strip workers permits was 278 including 124 with overnight stay. All workers must be 35 or older and married with children. Overnight stay permits are only issued for workers aged 40 and older.

d) Closures/Movement restrictions
Following the firing of Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip at the Negev area inside Israel a general closure on the oPt has been in place since 24 September. Permits previously issued are no longer valid and only in some humanitarian cases has access been granted to Israel.

Nablus Governorate:
• 25 September to date: IDF closed vehicular movement at Zaatara (Tappuah) checkpoint for residents of northern west bank (Jenin, Tubas, Nablus, Tulkarm and Qalqiliya). Only those with a special permit will be allowed access to the central and southern West Bank.
25 September: The IDF shortened the opening times of Huwwara checkpoint by three hours from 11pm to 8 pm.
25 September: The IDF closed Huwwara checkpoint for 90 minutes after two 14-year-old Palestinians were caught carrying weapons.
26 September: The IDF closed Huwwara checkpoint for four hours.
26 September: The IDF partially closed Beit Iba checkpoint. Only residents of Nablus and An Najah university students were allowed through.
• Ongoing incidents:
Jenin Governorate:
21 August to date: The IDF closed all the entrances to Ya’bad village with road blocks and earth mounds. Only one alternative road is open towards Jenin city through Kufeirit village.
21 August to date: The IDF closed Road No. 585 from Arraba junction to Qaffin junction with three checkpoints preventing Palestinians from travelling on the road. Palestinians are using alternative dirt roads to reach Jenin city.
21 August to date: The IDF continue to restrict access to Road No. 585 from the entrance off Mevo Dotan settlement to the entrance off Khermesh settlement.
21 September: The IDF withdrew from the remaining two settlements (Kaddim and Ganim) following Israeli disengagement from the northern West Bank. According to the Palestinian DCL the settlement areas have not been officially handed over to the PA.
21 September: Following the withdrawal of the IDF from the remaining two settlements, three roads were opened for the first time since late 2000 connecting the villages east of Jenin city with the city. Dahiat Sabah al Khays checkpoint was also dismantled.
22 September: The IDF dismantled Dotan military post near Arraba village (see Section 1 for a related causality incident).
24 September: The IDF closed Jalama commercial checkpoint.
25 and 26 September: The IDF closed Imreiha Reikhan Barrier gate.
26 and 27 September: The IDF closed Jalama commercial checkpoint.

Tubas Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
Tulkarm Governorate:
• 22 September: The IDF dismantled the observation tower at the entrance of Qaffin village.
25 September: The IDF closed Kafriat checkpoint for several hours.
27 September: The IDF closed the checkpoint on the road from ‘Anabta to Bizzariya for several hours.
• Ongoing incidents: Qalqiliya Governorate:
• No major incidents to report.

Salfit Governorate:
24 - 25 September: The IDF closed Deir Ballut checkpoint for all Palestinian movement. From 26 September only residents from Deir Ballut were allowed to cross.
26 September: The IDF closed an agricultural road with an earth mound in Deir Ballut. A water pipe line servicing was damaged during the operation.

Ramallah / Al Bireh Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
Jerusalem Governorate:
23 September: The IDF denied Palestinian farmers from Beit Iksa access to harvest their land located on the other side of the Barrier.

Jericho Governorate:
25 September: The IDF closed the main entrance/exit for Jericho city at Jericho DCO checkpoint for five hours (see Section 4 for related incident of access for medical assistance).
• Ongoing incidents:
Hebron Governorate:
• For the second week in a row IDF soldiers at the checkpoint on the main entrance to the Palestinian village of Ar Ramadin continue to check and search Palestinian civilians travelling to and from a cluster of Palestinian villages around Ar Ramadin (approximately 4,000 residents). All travellers including, service providers, teachers, university students, were denied access on the 25 and 26 September. The checkpoint continues to restrict the movement of Palestinians and Arab Israelis on Road No. 325.
• Ongoing incidents:
Bethlehem Governorate:
• Ongoing incidents:
West Bank: Reported flying checkpoints

The Gaza Strip:
• 24 September: The IDF announced that it had closed all external crossing points in the Gaza Strip until further notice (Rafah crossing point had been closed since the 7 September).
24 September: IDF naval ships opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats along the Gaza Strip coast, forcing them to return to their ports.

6. Additional Protection Issues
• During the week, a total of 58 homemade rockets, mortar shells and anti tank missiles were fired from different locations inside the Gaza Strip towards Israel.
23 September: 19 Palestinians were killed and another 130 were injured in a large explosion at a Hamas rally in Jabalia camp, the Gaza Strip. These causalities were not included in Section 1.
24 – 27 September: Loud explosions (sonic booms) were heard across the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli F16 fighter jets flying low and breaking the sound barrier. Broken windows and other minor damage was reported.
25 September: The ICRC suspended their prisoners’ family visits to Israeli prisons programme in West Bank and Gaza due to the total closure imposed on the oPt since 24 September.
27 September: Palestinian militants opened fire at an Israeli vehicle near ‘Azzun, Qalqiliya. The vehicle sustained some damage but no injuries were reported.
27 September: IAF helicopters dropped thousands of leaflets over the north-eastern Gaza Strip warning of Israeli retaliation if rockets were launched inside Israel.


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