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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: United States of America
4 May 2007

Acceleration Benchmarks for Agreement on Movement and Access as well as on the Gaza Security Situation

AMA Goals:Goal: To ensure normalization of the RCP and KSCP operations, according to international standards and subject to terms of the AMA supplemented by protocols on security and customs and with assistance of the third party. (AMA point 1, APRC)

Goal: To ensure West Bank and Gaza passages operate continuously on a demand driven performance basis of transparency and internationally accepted service and security standards are in place at all crossings. (AMA point 2)

Goal: Israel will allow the passage of convoys between Gaza and the West Bank to facilitate the movement of goods and persons, with appropriate security arrangements. (AMA point 3)

Goal: To reach mutual agreement on a plan for facilitating movement of people and goods within the West Bank, and to minimize disruption to Palestinian lives by reducing the number of obstacles to movement to the maximum extent possible. (AMA point 4)

AMA Benchmarks:

A. Rafah/Kerem Shalom Crossing Points (RCP/KSCP) Benchmarks:

* (GOI) NLT 1 May 2007 finalizes approval of the Customs Protocol for KSCP.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 15 May 2007 finalize and approve the "Goods of Concern" requirements in form of a letter from the USSC to both sides asking for their agreement.

* (GOI) NLT 15 May 2007 provide EU-BAM with consistent access to the RCP for operations and training purposes totaling no less than five days per week.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 June 2007 establish normalized RCP passenger operations and initial commercial export operations, as well as KSCP commercial import operations, with the agreement of the Government of Egypt. Ensure opening for operations no less than five days per week, under regular, advertised operating hours.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 June 2007, when equipment shipments that are required for operations at RCP are delayed, any party may immediately notify the Liaison Office for coordinated resolution. Resolution will take place under the auspices of the Liaison Office, with the assistance of the USSC, within 48 hours of the notification.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 June 2007 agree to the establishment of a RCP and KSCP public access website to post continuously updated information on operating hours, customer rules, regulations and procedures, and general information of interest.

* (GOI) NLT 15 June 2007, adopt single-point cargo checks for all goods traveling through, into, and from the West Bank and Gaza.

B. Karni/Al-Mintar Crossing Point (K/AMCP) Benchmarks:* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 May 2007 operate crossing for regular operations according to the mutually agreed to schedule of extended hours.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 15 May 2007 establish normal and continued coordination between the IDF, Presidential Guard, and other internal security organizations to develop, document, publish, and implement procedures to allow for Palestinian armed security throughout all areas on the al-Mintar side of the crossing.

* (GOI) NLT 15 May 2007 establish daily access clearance through Karni to al-Mintar side, and back, for USSC-identified Karni and PG Project support personnel.

* (GOI/ Palestinians) NLT 15 May 2007, commensurate with demand, designate special lanes for fresh produce with expedited procedures to allow quick flow of seasonal products out to Israel and international markets.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 June 2007 develop coordinated back up plans in the event Karni/al-Mintar operations are disrupted, suspended or overwhelmed, especially involving time sensitive agricultural produce, where exports from Gaza can be rapidly re-directed through other crossing points.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 June 2007 adopt a common management system, institute a bilateral dispute mechanism, and develop, document, publish, and implement systems and procedures for logistics, coordination, standard loading and packaging.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 June 2007 establish a Gaza export level, consistent with demand, of 150 truckloads per day, as well as ensuring the return of empty containers from Gaza and the timely export of agricultural products during the remaining harvest season.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 July develop a transparent and accountable on-line pre-registration and scheduling system for imports into Gaza and exports from Gaza that is directly accessible by Palestinian and Israeli exporters and that will be incorporated into the risk management system for the al-Mintar side of the crossing. System design should be coordinated with the Palestinian and Israeli private sector.

C. West Bank Movement and Access Benchmarks:* (GOI) NLT 15 May 2007 ease the restrictions to movement and access in the Jordan Valley by (1) removing permit requirements for access, (2) eliminating the requirement for a Jordan Valley address on ID cards and (3) removing restrictions on Palestinian vehicular use of route 90, including removal of the Hamra and Al Auja checkpoints.

* (GOI) NLT 1 June 2007 remove restrictions and allow access and movement at the Bethlehem 1 and 2 clusters; the Hebron 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 clusters; the Nablus 1, 2, 3, and 4 clusters; and Tubas 1 cluster.

* (GOI) NLT 15 June 2007 remove checkpoints in the vicinity of Nablus, specifically the Beit Iba, Huwwara, Awarta, Sheve Shomron, and Beit Furik checkpoints.

* (GOI) NLT 15 June 2007 develop proposals to simplify remaining permit regimes in effect for internal travel and remaining obstacles to movement in the West Bank and further GOI plans to ease movement and access.

D. West Bank - Gaza Link Benchmarks:* (GOI) NLT 15 May 2007 extend the existing ad hoc systems for humanitarian cases to allow passage from Gaza to the West Bank.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 June 2007 establish a pilot project for humanitarian medical convoys that would be expanded over several weeks to meet full demand for regularized convoy service on a timely basis.

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 July 2007 establish a bus convoy service five days per week between Erez and Tarqumiya for Palestinian passengers (both Gaza and West Bank ID-holders).

* (GOI/Palestinians) NLT 1 August 2007 develop a plan to both expand bus convoys to the central and northern West Bank and establish a truck convoy system between Gaza and the West Bank.

Security Goals:Goal: PASF actively enforcing law and order, fighting terrorism, and countering all Qassam launch operations.

Goal: Enhanced Palestinian effort to address smuggling of terror-related weapons and materials and cash destined for Gaza, tunneling efforts thwarted, and improved security and stability along the Palestinian side of the border and at the crossing sites.

Goal: Establish clear, firewalled chain of command and effective operations in order to facilitate support for Palestinian security forces.

Goal: Improved coordination between IDF and PASF forces under President Abbas to facilitate a safe and secure environment in the West Bank and Gaza.

Goal: Improved policing, training, readiness, and response capability of the PASF to promote its overall effectiveness.

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