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        General Assembly
15 October 1990


Forty-fifth session
Agenda item 35

Report of the Secretary-General


1. The present report is submitted pursuant to resolution 44/40 of 4 December 1989 in order to inform the General Assembly of the steps taken by the Secretary-General to fulfil the requests addressed to him in that resolution to report on various aspects of the item entitled "The situation in the Middle East".

2. In paragraph 15 of resolution 44/40 A, the General Assembly requested the Secretary- General to report to the Security Council periodically on the development of the situation and to submit to the General Assembly at its forty-fifth session a comprehensive report covering the developments in the Middle East in all their aspects. That report will be submitted separately as a document of the General Assembly and the Security Council.

3. In resolution 44/40 B. which deals with Israeli policies in the Syrian territory occupied by Israel since 1967, and in resolution 44/40 C, which deals with the transfer by some States of their diplomatic missions to Jerusalem in violation of Security Council resolution 478 (1980), the General Assembly called upon all States to adopt a number of measures concerning relations with Israel and called upon the States concerned to abide by the provisions of the relevant Assembly resolutions. In order to fulfil his reporting responsibility under the above-mentioned resolutions, the Secretary-General, in July 1990, addressed notes verbales to the Permanent Representative of Israel and to the permanent representatives of the other Member States and requested them to inform him of any steps their Governments had taken or envisaged taking concerning implementation of the relevant provisions of those resolutions. As at 5 October 1990, replies had been received from Senegal and the Syrian Arab Republic. Those replies are reproduced in section II of the present report.



[Original: French]

In the note dated 25 July 1990 you requested the Governments of Member States to inform you by 5 September 1990 of any measures taken or contemplated in the context of the implementation of the relevant provisions of General Assembly resolutions 44/40 A to C, adopted on 4 December 1989, on the situation in the Middle East.

In that connection, I should like to draw your attention to the fact that Senegal was one of the first African countries to break off diplomatic relations with Israel.

In addition, already at a very early stage, Senegal showed solidarity with and fully supported the Palestinian people in its noble and just struggle.

As a result, Senegal had the privilege of chairing the United Nations Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People right from the outset.

In fulfilling that responsibility, it has consistently worked and continues to work towards a comprehensive, just and lasting settlement of the Palestinian question.

With regard more particularly to resolution 44/40 C of 4 December 1989, the Senegalese Government has never established a diplomatic mission in Israel or, with yet stronger reason, in the Holy City of Jerusalem, whose liberation is one of its major concerns.
[Original: Arabic]

We are striving for peace in our region through the creation of just and lasting solutions to the crises that are increasing the tension there. Accordingly, the Syrian Arab Republic is striving for a just and comprehensive solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict on the basis of United Nations resolutions and through an International Peace Conference, already convened in 1973 under the auspices of the United Nations and with the participation of the United States of America and the Soviet Union. We believe that this Conference's resumption of its work could form a suitable opportunity for the achievement of a just and stable peace.


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