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General Assembly

2 April 1948



(NOTE: The following excerpts are taken from the PALESTINE PRESS REVIEW published daily for official use by the Public Information Office of the Palestine Government)

1. Editorial in FALESTIN, 25 February 1948:

“The Security Council is a branch of UNO; therefore it is an evil derived from an evil- if the root in bad the branch is certainly bad as well. The Arabs with their experience at UNO will never be deceived by the Security Council or any other deceitful and misleading means innovated by the big powers.”

“We are not certain that our case will be defeated by the Security Council, but we are certain that this Council like other big powers organizations can be affiliated by financial interests in respect of the cases that are presented to it. If the Security Council feels that the Arabs are more capable of causing damage to those interests than the Jews, our prospects are bright. Is there anyone who can have the least hope in these organizations whose contempt of principles has reached such a stage?

“We therefore do not hope for anything from the Security Council nor do we despair of it...We have been taught by the big powers that might is right. So let us be strong while participating in a struggle with them for the sake of our right.

“We have also been taught that these powers humor us in time of war when they are in need of our oil as well as our strategic positions and communications, but when war ends they soon start being rough and rude. Let us therefore have no confidence in them and refuse to be bound to any alliance with them...”

2. Editorial in AD-DIFA'A, 3 March 1948:

“... The first of the facts which we want UNO to take into consideration is that we are fully resolved to crush partition and that we shall oppose the greatest force that tries to impose it on our country.

“One of these facts is also that we are decisively determined finally to get rid of the Jewish danger — no state, no political existence, no immigration and nothing whatsoever. Our determination is decisive.

“Another fact is that we are determined to restore rights and freedoms to our country - no Mandate, no trusteeship, and no similar regimes; but complete freedom that will be exercised by Palestine after a quarter of a century of bitter struggle and severe pains.

“Another fact is to open the way for our country to exercise its national life in conjunction with the Arab countries. No isolation, no separation; Palestine should share the great Arab caravan and procession in building the universe of the Arabs and their future....

“We shall never reach a settlement with the Jews; the sole settlement we have decided to reach is the final elimination of the Jewish danger. This is the fact of all facts within is what requires our utmost concern. There is no rest or future for us without it...”

3. Editorial in AD-DIF’A, 7 March 1948:

“Discussions are taking place about the 30,000 Jewish illegals now in Cyprus camps. We suspect that Britain will agree to their transfer to Palestine or will leave the matter to the Commission of the Five. We do not consider those 30,000 illegals as refugees - they are illegals who have challenges the country’s laws and safety recommendations. They are illegals whose souls are filled with the spirit of domination, threats and terrorism...

“We have always been concerned about the detention of those illegals at Cyprus. Let Britain beware of sending a new wave to our country while she is at the threshhold of withdrawal. Let her leave this matter for the country’s population to handle.”

4. Editorial in AD-DIFA’A, 12 March 1948:

“.... What we call for is more than the destruction of partition. It touches the very heart of the Jewish existence as a political instrument which is considered to be a danger to Palestine and the Arab world... The date on which this heavy burden will be lifted from this country is approaching... We are not working only for the frustration of Partition - we have often said that our target is to realize the freedom of this country and its right to a new life with the Arab bloc.

“It is a precious opportunity in which the Arab nation joins us in our struggle. The winds of the international situation are on our side and the dispute of the big powers is again for us. Nevertheless the burden placed on our shoulders is heavy and the elements of surprise should not be ignored. Let our advance be speedy still the end of the race.”

5. Editorial in AD=DIF’A 12 March 1948:

“The enthusiasm of the Five or rather Four Member Commission has recently lessened. The Commission has started thinking of submitting its resignation for, it said, it hates to be called a Government in exile”— Actually the Commission is in a bad state. It will remain in this position whether or not it submits its resignation. It was excessive in self-conceit exactly as its Jewish friends were at the General Assembly. But it started facing bare facts gradually, and realized the deep abyss between theory and practice.

“Even the title of ‘Government in exile’ cannot be given to it. It has not yet ruled and it will never rule in the future. It started its activities in New York and they will finish there...”

6. Editorial in FALASTIN, 12 March 1948:

“... The general opinion of the Arab circles IS that the Arab world ought to go on fighting, disregarding the developments At Lake Success. Since last November, the Arab world has already gained the appreciation and import of most nations, and it is beyond doubt that the more the Arabs resist, the greater will be the world’s admiration....”

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