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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: Peace Now
7 November 2007

Periodic Report, May-October 2007 1/
Peace Now Settlement Watch

¨ The Settlers' new trick: instead of transporting – construction of caravans on spot.
¨ In Settlements and in Outposts the construction continues.
¨ Hundreds of New Housing Units for Ultra Orthodox Settlers in Giv'at Ze'ev
¨ Updated List of Outposts

The Number of Settlers: 267,500
The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistic had published the number of settlers in the West Bank updated to 30/6/2007 2/. According to the Israeli CBS, the number of settlers is 267,500, which is an annual growth of 5.8%. The growth in the settlements is much larger than the annual growth in all of Israel, which is 1.8% only. This means that the growth in the settlements is much more than the "natural growth" and includes massive migration of settlers to the West Bank.

1. Construction in settlements
In 88 settlements construction is underway, ranging from a single house to large projects of tens and hundreds of housing units. Most of the large projects are being built in settlements on the "Israeli" side of the fence, in the settlement blocs, and especially in the settlements in the Jerusalem area, in the Ma’ale Adumim bloc, Gush Etzion and the Giv’at Ze’ev bloc.
Construction on different scales is also under way in 43 settlements east of the fence.
· Large Projects of hundreds of housing units:

· Projects of tens of houses: · Smaller projects are under construction in many settlements on either side of the fence.
· According to a report published by the Israel Land Administration 4/, in 2006, 27% of the housing units built on land that was sold by the ILA were in the West Bank (6,118 of 22,718 housing units).

1/ The report is based on a comparison of aerial photos and site visits.
2/ See:
3/ Nirit is a settlement within the borders of Israel. Recently an expansion of the settlement began to be built beyond the Green Line, into the West Bank. For that purpose the expansion was officially declared part of the Alfei Menashe settlement 3 km away and separated from it by the separation fence. For further information on settlement jurisdictions and the absence of territorial contiguity, see the Peace Now report “Construction and development of settlements beyond the official limits of jurisdiction - July 2007” 1


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