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        Security Council
14 June 1967


Supplementary information received by the Secretary-General

1. The following situation report for the 24 hours ending 1000 hours GMT on 14 June 1967 has been received from the Chief of Staff of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine.

(I) Situation continues to remain calm.

(ii) Temporary UNTSO Headquarters now established in YMCA Building, Jerusalem.

(iii) Minor adjustments in Observer team locations have taken place.

(iv) Plotting of Forwarded Defended Localities on Syrian side continues.

(v) Observer Group in Tiberias is being reinforced by 10 Observers who departed
Jerusalem 0800 hours Zebra, 14 June.

(vi) Following are some extracts from situation reports received from Observer teams
during 24 hours ending 0800 hours Zebra, 14 June.

(a) Movements of armoured personnel carriers in vicinity of MR 2291-2559
(reports from Observer team Sierra (Syrian side)).

(b) Sporadic small arms fire in an east direction from Israel positions at
approximately MR 2301-2680 (report from Observer team No. 4 (Israeli

(c) Movement of Israeli forces approximately 2 km east along Kuneitra-
Damascus Road since 0515 hours, Zebra, 11 June. (report from Observers,

(d) Explosions and small arms fire at approximately 2000 hours Zebra,
13 June, in vicinity of Observer team Sierra (Syrian side) at
approximately MR 2295-2555. Vehicle movement and small arms fire in area
of Khiffine MR 226-250 at 0550 hours Zebra, 14 June (report from Romeo
(Syrian Side)).

2. General Bull reports that Israel soldiers were withdrawn from Israel-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission House on the morning of 13 June and have not reappeared since. Since 7 June the Chairman of the Israel-Jordan Mixed Armistice Commission and six other UNTSO personnel have remained in the Mixed Armistice Commission House "under most difficult conditions" to maintain the UN presence.


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