Press Release

8 April 2005


The Commission on Human Rights continued its general debate on the rights of the child in a midday meeting today, hearing from Representatives of countries and inter-governmental organizations who spoke about their efforts to promote and protect children's rights.


SOUHEILA ABBAS (Syria) said although it was well known that childhood was a significant stage in the life of the individual where an open mind was developed, and although the Convention on the Rights of the Child was comprehensive, children continued to be deprived of the most basic rights, and continued to be threatened by hunger, disease and war. This meant that a billion children around the world were robbed of their childhood. The report of the Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories had indicated that there were serious violations of human rights, including children's rights, which constituted war crimes, including the demolition of homes. Children were detained in Israeli prisons and detention centres, and were subjected to torture and cruel and degrading punishment.

The children of Palestine and Iraq had only a right to oppression, fear, destitution, blood and bullets. In Syria and the occupied Golan, they were deprived of the most basic rights, and subjected to numerous violations by the occupying forces which had negative effects on their psychological and physical health. This was a blatant challenge to the international community as a whole


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