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Source: Division for Palestinian Rights
30 November 1993


November 1993

Monitored from the press by the
Division for Palestinian Rights

1 November Representatives of the Government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) resumed their negotiations on the implementation of the Israeli-PLO accord in the seaside resort of Taba. (Ha'aretz)
2 November Tens of Jewish settlers blocked the main road between Khan Younis and Gaza protesting the Israeli-PLO accord. Two molotov bombs were thrown at Israeli troops in Khan Younis. Israeli settlers continued their assaults on the Palestinian residents of the West Bank for the third day in a row. (The Jerusalem Press)
3 November Jerusalem's mayor-elect Ehud Olmert was quoted as saying that "Every Jew can acquire property anywhere in Jerusalem, anywhere in the land of Israel." His statement was an answer to the question of whether Jews would go on settling in Arab East Jerusalem. (The Guardian)

4 November Mr. Amr Musa, Egyptian Foreign Minister, arrived in Israel to discuss the resumption of the Israeli-PLO talks. (Ha'aretz)

According to The Washington Post, Israel has opened secret, backchannel talks with Jordan and Syria in what could signal "possible progress in the Middle East peace process".
5 November Three young Palestinians were shot and injured by Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip. (The Jerusalem Press)

Mr. Arafat, the Chairman of the PLO, announced the establishment of the Palestine Council for Construction and Economic Development under his leadership. (The Jerusalem Press)

6 November Mrs. Hanan Ashrawi, the spokesperson of the Palestinian peace negotiating team, has agreed to head the Palestine Liberation Organization's new mission in Washington. (The Washington Post)

Mr. Manuel Marin, EC Commissioner for development policy, said that the EC was working on a "tailor-made" association agreement with Israel. He also said that the EC would begin to work out a "new vision" for a joint policy in the Middle East. (The Financial Times)
7 November Mr. Yasser Arafat, the PLO Chairman, met in Cairo with Mr. Robert Pelletreau, the U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, who presented the Chairman with a message from the USA Administration. (The Jerusalem Press)
8 November Israeli and Palestinian negotiators resumed talks at a secret location in Cairo on self-rule in Gaza and Jericho. (The New York Times)
9 November A Palestinian delegation headed by Feisal Husseini met with the Spanish Monarch, Juan Carlos, at the Spanish Consulate in East Jerusalem. (TheJerusalem Press)

Israeli army fired anti-tank rockets at a Palestinian house in Awa village near Hebron, destroying the house and killing a Palestinian gunman hiding inside. Another gunman surrendered. (The Guardian)
10 November Israel's Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, began his third visit this year to the USA "amid rising hope of a further breakthrough on a Middle East peace settlement. (The Guardian)
11 November According to the daily Maariv, a seven-man Jordanian economic delegation was holding talks in Jerusalem with Israeli officials and businessmen to "iron out details of a secret Israeli-Jordanian peace agreement which focuses on economic cooperation".
12 November An Israeli army's spokesman announced that five arrested Palestinians, suspected of killing a Jewish settler two weeks ago, had identified themselves as members of the Fatah movement. President Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin called on the PLO Chairman, Yasser Arafat, to condemn the killing. (The New York Times)

13 November Mr. Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the PLO, responding to American and Israeli demands, condemned the recent killing of an Israeli settler by members of his movement, Fatah. (The New York Times)

14 November Jewish settlers shot and killed a young Palestinian in Hebron after he stabbed and injured a settler near the Ibrahimi Mosque. A "suspected collaborator" was shot and injured by armed Palestinians in Gaza City. (The Jerusalem Press)

15 November Israeli and Palestinian economists began talks in Paris to determine economic relations between Israel and the new Palestinian self-governing authority which will take over administration of the Gaza Strip and Jericho. (The Financial Times)
16 November A young Palestinian was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers and settlers during a raid of a high school in El-Bireh; two other students were injured. In the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian stabbed two Israelis before being shot dead by an Israeli bystander. In the West Bank town of Hebron, Jewish settlers overturned market stalls, smashed cars and broke car windshields. (The Guardian)
17 November A young Palestinian stabbed an Israeli soldier to death at the main Gaza entry conjunction. The army said that the attacker was captured. (The New York Times)
18 November Israeli archaeologists said they had discovered manuscript fragments and other second-century artifacts in cliffs overlooking the city of Jericho. Palestinian archaeologists and political figures have accused the Israelis of last-minute plundering the area which is to fall under Palestinian control soon. (The New York Times)
19 November A Palestinian man was shot and killed by Israeli troops in Rafah refugee camp. Five students were shot and injured by troops in Gaza City. (The Jerusalem Press)
21 November Mr. Yitzhak Rabin, Israel's Prime Minister, returning from a 10-day visit to North America, said that he had won U.S. economic and defence assurances which "would bolster the Middle East peace process". (The Financial Times)
22 November A Palestinian man driving a garbage truck struck an Israeli car in Shujaiyeh and then, was shot and injured by Israeli troops. (The Jerusalem Press)

23 November The Christian Science Monitor reported a growing Palestinian discontent over Chairman Arafat's "tight grip". It reported that the PLO faces criticism for poor organization and powerful domination by the Fatah movement.
24 November A former Israeli intelligence official has confirmed publicly that Israel carried out a methodical campaign to assassinate leaders of the Black September group of the PLO following the 1972 killing of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. (The Washington Post)
26 November Israeli troops shot and killed Khaled Zer, a leading Hamas activist near Surbaher, outside Jerusalem. (The Financial Times)
28 November An Israeli undercover security unit shot and killed Ahmad Abu Alrish, a senior member of the Fatah Hawks at his house in Khan Younis. Abu Alrish had been pardoned by the Israeli authorities after turning himself in. His killing triggered mass demonstrations in the Gaza Strip. (The Jerusalem Press)

29 November A young Palestinian was shot and killed by undercover soldiers in Khan Younis, and 10 other Palestinians were shot and injured in the Gaza Strip. (Maariv)
30 November The three major hospitals in Gaza reported that 80 Palestinians were injured, five seriously, by Israeli army gunfire in a series of riots and confrontation in the Gaza Strip. (The Washington Post)
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