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        General Assembly
27 September 2000

Official Records

General Assembly
Fifty-fifth session
30th plenary meeting
Wednesday, 27 September 2000, 3 p.m.
New York

President: Mr. Holkeri.........................(Finland)

The meeting was called to order at 3 p.m.

Agenda item 10 (continued)

Report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization (A/55/1)

Mr. Lancry (Israel): The annual report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization (A/55/1) reveals quite clearly and quite impressively the myriad activities in which the United Nations and its bodies have been involved over the past year. The report stresses the following three issues which we believe deserve special attention: the AIDS pandemic, the United Nations role in peacekeeping and the coordinated management of globalization.


It must be recalled that, in addition to calling for the withdrawal of Israeli forces, Security Council resolution 425 (1978) also calls for the restoration of international peace and security and for the return of the effective authority of the Government of Lebanon in the area. Now that Israel has withdrawn its forces, and now that the United Nations has confirmed its full compliance with Council resolution 425 (1978), we call once again upon the other parties to fulfil their remaining obligations under that resolution so that peace and security may come, at long last, to that area.

Israel hopes that this transitional period in southern Lebanon will open a new chapter of peace and security along the border and of mutual trust between the people of Israel and the people of Lebanon. It recognizes and appreciates the efforts of the United Nations and of the Secretary-General in promoting that goal.


As the Secretary-General’s report has clearly indicated, the resolution of conflicts and the building of peace rank very high among the concerns of the nations of the world. It is of the highest concern to us as well. We in the Middle East stand on the threshold of historic decisions. It is our hope that those decisions will be taken imminently and that they will lead to a just, lasting and comprehensive peace for us and for generations to come. May it be God’s will that next year’s report of the Secretary-General on the work of the Organization will also include a few paragraphs describing the achievement of lasting peace in the Middle East.

The meeting rose at 6.20 p.m.

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