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10 May 1949

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10 May 1949, at 10 a.m.

Mr. Ethridge


Mr. de Boisanger (France)
Mr. Yalcin(Turkey)
Mr. AzcaratePrincipal Secretary

Establishment of a Basis for Discussion of Territorial Questions

The CHAIRMAN reported that the Principal Secretary had made contact with the Arab delegations the previous afternoon, in accordance with the Commission’s instructions and had advised them of the Commission’s decision not to issue a press communique at the present time. Mr. Amoun had informed him that the Arab delegations had reconsidered the matter and now wished to present a formal statement, which would be in the form of an official record of a meeting and would be signed in two sets, one to bear the signatures of the Commission and the Israeli delegation, the other those of the Commission and the various Arab delegations. The document was a simple statement of the agreement to use the Partition Plan as a basis for discussion; copies of the Partition map would be attached to the statement. The document would not be released to the press at present, but would become part of the archives of the Commission; copies would also be retained by the Arab and Israeli delegations.

The Chairman had suggested one change in the original draft presented; namely, the substitution of the words “settlement of the refugee question’` for “repatriation of the refugees”. He had not received a final reply from the Arab delegations regarding this change, but felt confident that they would accept it. He had also shown the text to Mr. Eytan, who had offered no objections. If, as he expected, he received a final agreement from the Arab delegations during the afternoon, the document could be signed the following morning at successive meetings with, first, the Israeli delegation, and second, the Arab delegations together.

Mr. WILKINS held the view that the document might prove unacceptable to the Arab delegations unless the legend were deleted from the attached map of the Partition Plan.

The CHAIRMAN said he would refer the question to Mr. Amoun during the conversation that afternoon; if desired by the Arabs, the legend could be deleted.

Territorial Committee

The CHAIRMAN observed that the time had now come when the Commission should set up a committee to deal with the question of boundaries. He suggested that such a committee should be established as soon as the statement had been signed with the Arab and Israeli delegations.

The Commission agreed to the Chairman’s suggestion and it was indicated that Messrs. de la Tour du Pin, Yenisey and Wilkins would serve on the Territorial Committee after its official establishment.

Meetings with Non-governmental Organizations

The CHAIRMAN reported that he had had a visit from a representative of the Arab Higher Committee, who had asked if the Commission would receive his Committee. The Chairman had replied that although the Commission was well acquainted with the views of that body, any constructive suggestions it had to make would be welcome.

The PRINCIPAL SECRETARY observed that the Jaffa and District Inhabitants Committee also wished to be heard; it was composed largely of orange growers and was interested particularly in concrete immediate problems involving the orange groves. Since the Commission was already in contact with the Israeli delegations on that subject, among others, he thought such a meeting would be of interest at the present time.

The Commission decided to receive the Arab Higher Committee on Friday morning and the Jaffa Committee on Saturday morning.

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Questions territoriales - 52e séance de CCNUP - Compte rendu Français