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        General Assembly
        Security Council

5 December 1985


Fortieth session
Item 38 of the preliminary list*
Fortieth year

Letter dated 5 December 1985 from the Permanent Representative of Lebanon
to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

With reference to my earlier letters concerning repeated Israeli acts of aggression against Lebanon, and on instructions from my Government, I have the honour to transmit a list of Israeli acts of aggression against Lebanese territory committed after the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the town of Sidon to the area south of the Litani and continuing until now, as also a list setting forth supplementary information on Israeli acts of aggression which occurred in the southern area between 28 November and 4 December 1985, the most recent having taken place in the area of Rashia, in the eastern Bekaa.

This expansionist policy of Israel and its continual arbitrary practices are contributing to the worsening of the situation in southern Lebanon in and throughout Lebanon in general and may, indeed, spread all over the region.
This policy is hampering efforts to establish a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East and is the cause of an explosion of violence, which constitutes a threat to security and peace at the regional and international levels.

The Lebanese Government in drawing attention to the gravity of the aggressive Israeli practices against Lebanon and to the consequences which they entail, reserves the right to request the convocation of the Security Council if these acts of aggression and these practices continue.

I should be grateful if you would have the text of this letter circulated as an official document of the General Assembly under agenda item 38 and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Rachid FAKHOURY
Permanent Representative


Acts of aggression committed by Israel against Lebanese territory
after evacuating the town of Sidon and withdrawing south of the Litani

20 February 1985:100 battle tanks and motorized vehicles of various kinds invaded southern Lebanon and attacked the town of Nabatiya and the villages of Kfar Roummane, Zibdine, Al Qasiba, Tair Debbe, Maarake, Shaqra, Touline and Houla in the south, as well as the villages of Qaraaoun and Kamed el Loz in the western Bekaa: the result of the operation was 10 killed, 14 injured, 241 arrested and the destruction of 15 houses. This operation covered 17 villages.
25 February 1985:Attacks were made on the villages of Jibshit and Harouf: the operation resulted in one killed, five injured, 24 arrested and the destruction of two houses.
2 March 1985:Attack on the town of Maarake resulting in one killed, three injured and the destruction of a large number of houses.
4 March 1985:The Israelis blew up the Husseiniyya (Shiite Centre) of Maarake without evacuating those inside, with the result that 15 were killed and 45 injured.
6 March 1985:Search operations in the villages of Bedias and Kafr Sir: two killed, 10 injured, 61 arrests.
7 March 1985:The Lebanese Army checked an Israeli offensive at Kaouthariyet es Siyad.
11 March 1985:Attack on the village of Zrariye: 63 killed, 150 arrests, 40 houes blown up and dozens of injured.
13 March 1985:Attack on Barr Elias and on a Saiga position at Taanayel.
21 March 1985:Attack on village of Qlaile and on a dozen neighbouring villages: 22 killed, dozens of arrests and massacre at Houmine and Tahta.
30 March 1985:Attack on the village of Jabaa: eight killed, 10 injured, destruction of several houses and dozens of arrests.
9 April 1985:Israeli attack on a three-storied building in the village of Shimlane: four killed, six members of the Progressive Socialist Party missing.
16 April 1985:Israeli forces dismantled the bridge of Qasmiye and transported it to Israel.
17 April 1985:Attack on the headquarters of the Democratic Front at Taanayel: five killed.
10 May 1985:The Israelis extended the runway at Naquora.
27 May 1985:Israeli fighter planes blocked the flight path of a civilian aircraft transporting President Karami from Tripoli to Beirut.
10 July 1985:Israeli attack on the camps of Bared and Beddawi: 17 killed, 65 injured.
23 July 1985:Israeli navy vessels attacked the port of Sidon: one vessel was sunk and six persons were injured.
28 July 1985:Israel annexed 5,000 dunums of land belonging to the village of Maroun er Ras.
29 July 1985:Attack on the headquarters of the Popular Front, at Barr Elias.
2 August 1985:Attack on the headquarters of the Socialist National Party of Syria at Jdita: two killed, three injured.
8 August 1985:Attack on the headquarters of the Popular Front, at Taanayel: two injured.
21 August 1985:Israel annexed the land belonging to the village of Ramiye and enclosed it with barbed wire.
4 September 1985:Israeli attack on a Palestinian position at Qabb Elias: six killed, 10 injured.
21 September 1985:Attack on the villages of Zibquine and Jbal el Botm (one Israeli helicopter crashed).
27 September 1985:Israeli attack on a Palestinian position in the region of Majdalou-Ain es Saouda: damage and destruction of a two-storied building.
14 October 1985:Tanks attacked the village of Arnoun: two injured.
27 October 1985:Air attack on two positions at the headquarters of the Popular Front at Taanayel-Barr Elias: three killed, 10 injured.
30 October 1985:Attack on the municipality of Shouaiya and deportation of four notables.
2 November 1985:The Israelis proclaimed Lebanon's south coast an area prohibited to commercial navigation.
11 November 1985:Attack on the villages of Houla and Qudeisa and shelling of the villages of Louaiziye, Aarab Salim, Kfar Roummane and Ain Qana.
18 November 1985:Israeli artillery attack on 17 villages in the south: one killed, two injured.
28 November 1985:Israeli forces attacked the villages of Shabaa, Kfar Shouba, Habbariye, Ainata and Bent Jbail and set fire to two houses in the village of Shabaa. Israeli forces also carried out a search operation in the villages of Yatar and Kafra.
3 December 1985:Israeli forces attacked the village of Rashia: four killed, five injured and 10 arrests. In addition, more than 15 Lebanese civilians were injured in explosions of several Israeli mines.

To all these acts must be added the artillery fire which pounds the towns and villages of southern Lebanon and the continuous supersonic flights by Israeli aircraft over Lebanese territory.

Information on Israeli acts of aggression perpetrated in southern Lebanon between 28 November and 4 December 1985

1. On 28 November 1985 an Israeli intelligence unit entered the village of Fardis (district of Hasbaiya) and ordered members of the Lebanese Army and security forces on pain of arrest, not to leave the village until further orders, with the aim of incorporating them into the so-called South Lebanon Army.

2. On 29 November 1985, at 0800 hours, Israeli forces opened fire on the village of Arnoun, injuring a 22-year-old Lebanese, Moufida Mohamed Najib Nasser.

3. On 29 November 1985, from 1430 to 1800 hours, the villages of Aarab Salim, Houmine el Faouqa and Jarjouh were hit by artillery fire from forces deployed on the Masjad heights.

4. On 29 November 1985, at 1000 hours, artillery fire from the Lahad forces hit the village of Sarba (district of Nabatiya) as a result of which a 65-year-old Lebanese woman, Linda Elias Abou Salah, was killed, her husband, Nadhir Elias Helou, 70 years of age, was injured and a number of houses were damaged.

5. During the night of 2 to 3 December 1985, the village of Kfar Roummane was subjected for an hour to artillery fire and shots from forces deployed on Mount Tarah; no casualties were reported.

6. On 3 December 1985, at 1100 hours, a 250-strong Israeli force with tanks and troop transports entered the village of Houdh el Qanaaba (district of Rashaiya). A clash took place between these forces and Palestinian elements which caused the death of four unidentified persons and material damage. When the inhabitants tried to remove the dead, mines exploded, causing the death of more than 15 people, including an officer in the Lebanese Army and three members of the internal security forces, as well as a number of injured and missing.


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