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        Security Council
26 October 1972

Original: English


Letter dated 30 October 1972 from the representative of Israel to
the President of the Security Council

On instructions of my Government, I have the honour to draw your attention to a grave incident highlighting the responsibility of Arab Governments for the campaign of terrorism waged by Arab murder squads in the Middle East and in other parts of the world and those Governments' direct involvement in the barbaric atrocities perpetrated by Arab terrorist organizations.

Yesterday, 25 October 1972, the Netherlands authorities at the Amsterdam airport detained a man, travelling to Brazil and carrying an Algerian diplomatic passport under the name of Ribhi Khalum. The man was detained when it was discovered that the luggage in his possession contained the following:

In one suitcase, which was to be delivered to another Algerian diplomat serving in Latin America, 19 booby-trapped letters, 5 grenades, 9 fuses and a quantity of explosives were found.

The second suitcase contained 5 pistols and more than 200 bullets.

The two suitcases were confiscated, and the man continued on his way to Latin America.

It is known that Ribhi Khalum, a 33-year-old Palestinian member of El-Fatah, represents this terror organization in Latin America, pursuing his nefarious activities under the cover of his Algerian diplomatic passport. Approximately once a month, Khalum travels from Latin America to the Arab States and back. He has carried out various missions on behalf of El-Fatah and has participated in El-Fatah conferences and committees.

The second Algerian diplomat who was to receive the suitcase with the letter bombs, grenades and explosives is also known as an active member of El-Fatah.

The aforesaid facts constitute further irrefutable evidence of the close co-operation between the Arab murder organizations and Arab Governments, which even give diplomatic cover to terrorist agents and to the smuggling of deadly material for use in criminal terror operations.

I have the honour to request that this letter be circulated as an official document of the Security Council.

(Signed) Yosef TEKOAH
Permanent Representative of Israel
to the United Nations
* *** *

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