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        Economic and Social Council

11 July 1984

Thirty-ninth session
Items 12 and 80 (j) of the
Preliminary list*

11 July 1984

Second regular session of 1984
Item 8 of the provisional agenda**

Letter dated 6 July 1984 from the Permanent Representative of Jordan
Tot he United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

I wish to submit some preliminary observations on the letter addressed to you by the Permanent Representative of Israel dated 8 June 1984 (A/39/295-E/1984/124).

The letter of the Permanent Representative of Israel and the report annexed thereto constitute an example of the policy based on falsification and distortion of the facts which Israel pursues constantly in an effort to change the shape of the reality resulting from the continuation of its occupation of the Arab territories.

I do not deem it necessary, in this brief letter, to refute the erroneous conclusions arrived at by the drafters of the above-mentioned report. However, at this stage, I wish to state two unalterable facts concerning Israel’s endevour, as follows:

1. The premises, the data and also the conclusions contained in the report on the alleged “economic and social progress” of the members of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are untrue and are an Israeli myth. The acts of oppression and displacement, the confiscation of land and the establishment of Jewish “settlements” in the occupied Arab territories all testify to the spuriousness of these Israeli allegations. Israel’s open exploitation of the economic potentials and resources of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, its use of these regions as an attractive market for its products, while it prevents the Arab citizens from developing their own economy and form building their independent economy – all these are facts documented in reports prepared by the United Nations and many other international bodies.

2. The hypothesis on which this report is based lacks proper authority and has no foundation in truth. Israel is embarking on an exercise which has become clear to all, namely, an attempt to beautify the ugly face of occupation and present it as human. Israel’s attempt to persuade the world that military occupation is a source of good and well-being demonstrates the true nature of Israeli colonial thought. In addition to being an insult to the intelligence of the peoples of the world, most of whom have suffered occupation, colonialism and the various forms of oppression over a long period, it constitutes defiance of the most elementary rules of ethics and civilized intercourse. The purpose of this Israeli report is to say that the enslavement of peoples is justifiable, not only politically but ethnically. In other words, Israel wants to tell the world that progress and well-being can be achieved under occupation, exploitation and domination.

There is no need for me to recall that the hypothesis on which this report of occupation authorities is based is the hypothesis of colonialism, which Israel is trying not only to revive but to justify, after its rejection by the international community. Israel does not want to admit that the privileges and rights which it claims to extend to the Palestinian Arab people include denying them and depriving them of the sole right which they desire – and in this they are supported by all the peoples of the world – namely, their freedom and right to self-determination in Palestine. This can only be achieved after Israel has ended its occupation of the occupied Arab territories, leaving the Palestinian Arab people to take into their own hands the building of their institutions and the formulation of the bases and concepts of their economic, social and political progress.

Moreover, the Israeli report contains not one word about or one reference to political and national rights among the rights which Israel has “conferred” on the Arab citizens under occupation. Obviously, the mere existence of Israeli occupation in these territories is incompatible with these rights, and, accordingly, no attempt has been made to add such rights to Israel’s record and alleged “services” with respect to those whose land it is occupying and whom it is trying to destroy.

The dimensions of the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories may be easily comprehended through its practices which the Palestinian people endure under occupation: slave labour, land confiscation, control of natural resources, the scattering and displacement of the population, terrorism and oppression.

There is no need for me to stress that Israel has issued this report in an unsuccessful attempt to falsify history and that, if there is any profit to be gained from this attempt, it lies in the fact that it makes it clear, once again, why there is no peace in Palestine, why efforts to achieve a political settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict have failed and which party is responsible for that. This report also seeks, through a distortion of the facts and by proceeding from a premise that is politically and ethically unsound, to create a basis for legality for the occupation process. However, the question of the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories and the political, national and territorial rights of the Palestinian Arab people in Palestine will remain the fundamental issue, and the claim that occupation can bring about the progress and well-being of people will be negated by reality.

I should be grateful if you would have this letter circulated as a document of the General Assembly, under items 12 and 80 (j) of the preliminary list, and of the Economic and Social Council, under item 8 of the provisional agenda.

(Signed) Abdullah SALAH
Permanent Representative
Of Jordan to the United Nations


* A/39/50.

** E/1984/100.

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