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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: European Union (EU)
1 October 2004

Declaration by the Presidency of the European Union on the violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories
[ 01-10-2004 | Press releases (CFSP) | General Affairs and External Relations ]

Speaking as President of the Council of Ministers of the European Union, Minister for Foreign Affairs Bernard Bot expressed great concern at the ongoing cycle of retaliatory violence in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Minister Bot condemned the rocket attack on Sderot on Wednesday which resulted in the death of two Israeli children, and offered his condolences to the families. He reiterated that the European Union fully and unconditionally rejects all forms of terrorism and once again called upon the Palestinian Authority to take firm action against the planners and perpetrators of these kinds of atrocities.

Minister Bot qualified as disproportionate the subsequent Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip, which also claimed the lives of innocent civilians, including children, and left many injured. Minister Bot offered his condolences to their families. He repeated the European Union position that Israel has the right to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks, but that the exercise of this right should take place within the boundaries of international law. He called upon Israel to fully respect the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Minister Bot urged Israel and the Palestinians to consider the longer-term consequences of their actions, which merely inflame the situation and give rejectionist forces a pretext to derail the quest for a peaceful settlement of the Middle East conflict. Minister Bot emphasised that the only way to achieve lasting peace in the Middle East is through the resumption of security co-operation and direct negotiations between the parties, as called for in the Road Map.

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