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        Security Council
21 August 1975


Further report on the status of the cease-fire in the Middle East

The Acting Chief of Staff of UNTSO has submitted the following special report on developments in the Israel-Lebanon sector on 20 and 21 August 1975:

1. A complaint was received from the Lebanese authorities alleging that on 20 August between 1600 and l645 hours GMT Israel forces jet aircraft attacked with bombs and rockets the Lebanese villages of Ham and Maaraboune, approximately 65 kilometres east of Beirut, causing casualties and material damage.

2. At the request of the Lebanese authorities, the Acting Chief of Staff of UNTSO authorized an inquiry, which took place on 21 August. Accompanied by a representative of the Senior Lebanese Delegate to the Israel-Lebanon Mixed Armistice Commission, United Nations military observers interviewed witnesses and examined the evidence presented to them.

3. Witnesses at Ham stated that the village had been attacked by Israel forces jet aircraft on 20 August between 1600 and 1630 hours GMT. They stated that 6 aircraft attacked with bombs and rockets in 7 strikes, resulting in 4 Lebanese dead and 19 wounded. They also stated that many animals had been killed and others injured. Witnesses at Baalbek Hospital stated that they had been wounded during the air attack in the village of Ham.

4. The military observers saw, at Ham, 11 houses and 1 car destroyed by blast and fragments. They also saw 10 dead animals and 1 injured animal, approximately 10 bomb craters and material damage from blast and fragmentation. They saw, at Baalbek Hospital, 3 seriously wounded and 7 lightly wounded Lebanese, allegedly wounded during the air attack. At the request of the Lebanese authorities, the inquiry did not include Maaraboune.

5. Based on the results of the inquiry, the complaint is confirmed in so far as an aircraft attack on the village of Ham, causing material damage, is concerned.


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