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        Security Council
2 November 1973



At its 1754th meeting held on 2 November 1973, the Security Council continued its consideration of the situation in the Middle East on the basis of the progress reports of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Emergency Force (S/11056 and Add.1 and Add.1/Corr.1). At this meeting the President of the Security Council read the following text representing the agreement of the members of the Council:
United Nations Emergency Force (Security Council-resolution 340 (1973)
of 25 October 1973): implementation - second phase

1. The members of the Security Council met for informal consultations on the morning of 1 November 1973 and heard a report from the Secretary-General on the progress so far made in the implementation of Security Council resolution 340 (1973).

2. After a lengthy and detailed exchange of views it was agreed that in regard to the next stage of implementation of resolution 340 (1973):

(i) The Secretary-General will immediately consult, to begin with, Ghana (from the African regional group), Indonesia and Nepal (from the Asian regional group), Panama and Peru (from the Latin American regional group), and Poland (from the Eastern European regional group) and Canada (from the Western European and Other States group), the latter two with particular responsibility for logistic support, with a view to dispatching contingents to the Middle East pursuant to Security Council resolution 340 (1973). The Secretary-General will dispatch troops to the area from these countries as soon as the necessary consultations have been completed. The Council members agreed that at least three African countries are expected to send contingents to the Middle East. The present decision of the Council is intended to bring about a better geographical distribution of the United Nations Emergency Force.

(ii) The Secretary-General will regularly report to the Council on the results of his efforts undertaken pursuant to paragraph (i) so that the question of balanced geographical distribution in the force can be reviewed.

3. The above-mentioned agreement was reached by members of the Council with the exception of the People's Republic of China which dissociates itself from it.

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