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        Security Council
30 August 1975


Further report on the status of the cease-fire in

the Middle East

The Acting Chief of Staff of UNTSO has submitted the following special report on developments in the Israel-Lebanon sector on 29 and 30 August 1975.

1. OP HIM (AMR 1770-2790) 1/ reported that between 2100 hours GMT on 29 August and 0100 hours GMT on 30 August an exchange of fire took place involving machine-gun, recoilless-rifle and small-arms fire and artillery and mortar flares by Israel forces and automatic-weapons fire by unidentified forces north and east of the OP. United Nations military observers were unable to determine which forces initiated the fire. During the exchange, machine-gun and small-arms fire from Israel forces and automatic-weapons fire from unidentified forces passed within 50 metres of the OP. No injuries to United Nations personnel or damage to the OP were reported. OP HIN also reported an unidentified jet aircraft and an Israel forces light aircraft circling the area of the exchange of fire during the same time, dropping flares. It also reported a crossing violation by Israel forces between 0326 and 0334 hours GMT on 30 August (maximum penetration 10 metres).

2. A complaint was received from the Lebanese authorities alleging that on 29 August between 1220 and 2055 hours GMT artillery and automatic-weapons fire and flares by Israel forces fell in several locations within Lebanese territory including Ramiye (AMR 1795-2795), causing the wounding of one woman and material damage in Ramiye.

3. At the request of the Lebanese authorities, the Acting Chief of Staff of UNTSO authorized an inquiry in Ramiye which took place on 30 August. Accompanied by a representative of the Senior Lebanese Delegate to the Israel-Lebanon Mixed Armistice Commission, United Nations military observers interviewed witnesses and examined the evidence presented to them.

4. Witnesses in Ramiye stated that Israel forces artillery fire fell in the village between 2200 and 2300 hours GMT on 29 August, wounding one woman and damaging three houses. A doctor in Rmaich (AMR 1847-2760) stated that he had treated a woman from Ramiye who had been wounded in the hand by shell fragments.

5. The military observers saw, in Ramiye, three houses damaged by blast and fragments and 15 shell craters. They also saw the alleged wounded woman with a bandaged hand.

6. Based on the results of the inquiry, the complaint is confirmed in so far as material damage in Ramiye is concerned.


1/ AMR - approximate map reference

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