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16 February 1948



16 February 1948

(Sources: New York Times and New York Herald Tribune)

Jerusalem, Feb. 15 - Haganah forces blew up bridges and raided two Arab villages in upper Galilee last night, according to Jewish sources, who said the bridges were blown up in an effort to impede the crossing of Arab volunteer units into Palestine. Police reported that 11 Arabs, 5 of them children, were killed in Sassa, one of the villages raided.

Sporadic fighting occurred in Haifa. The Jewish Mayor of Tel Amal was killed and 6 Jews and 4 Arabs sounded. (N.Y. Herald Tribune)

Jerusalem, Feb. 15 - A heavy attack on Tel Aviv from Jaffa was beaten off by Jews early today and Haganah forces in a counter-attack destroyed a number of houses. Casualties are not known officially but the Jewish forces stated that at least a score of Arabs were killed. (N.Y. Times)

Jerusalem, Feb. 15 - Arab reinforcements are arriving in Palestine constantly but in small numbers. According to an Arab source those who have crossed the frontiers since the movement began about January 1 do not total more than 3,000. (N.Y. Times)

Jerusalem, Feb. 14 - Haganah’s military commander said today that the organization was strong enough now to hold its own against Arab attacks. Although Haganah wants United Nations help, he said, it was prepared to win against the Arabs without such aid if necessary. Written replies to questions submitted to the commander brought out these main points:

Cairo, Feb. 14 - The current Arab League meeting is to be adjourned in a day or two with few concrete results achieved. There are still no agreements on the formation of an Arab Palestine government or on Britain’s plan for a collective military alliamne with Arab states. (N.Y. Times)

Jerusalem, Feb. 13 - Full and immediate inquiry was ordered tonight by Lieut. Gen. G.H.A. MacMillan, British commander in Palestine, into allegations that British troops last night handed over four Haganah youths to Arabs who murdered them. The executive of the Jewish Agency leveled the charge of murder against the British troops as accessories before the fact. (N.Y. Times)

Washington, D.C. - Secretary of State Marshall, replying to a letter from 30 members of the House of Representatives, said today that “it is not possible for this government to determine in advance the steps which may be necessary to carry out” the partitioning of Palestine. He said a determination would have to wait until the Security Council had reached a decision on the special report of the Palestine Commission. (N.Y. Times) [The complete text of the Secretary of State’s reply may be found in the N.Y. Herald Tribune, 15 February 1948.]

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