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14 June 2002

Convention Abbreviation: CRC
31st Session
Pre-sessional Working Group
10 – 14 June 2002

List of issues : Israel. 14/06/2002.
CRC/C/Q/ISR/1. (List of Issues)


List of issues to be taken up in connection with the consideration of the initial report of
Israel (CRC/C/8/Add.44)


Under this section the State party is requested to submit in writing additional and updated information, if possible, before 9 August 2002:

A. Data and statistics

Please provide:

1. a) A copy of the State of the Child in Israel, A Statistical Abstract for the year 2001, if available; and

b) The same statistics contained in the above abstract for the under-18 population in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

2. i) Specific disaggregated data on national budgetary allocation and spending for social needs, as percentages of total expenditures. In particular, how much was spent on:
ii) The same data for the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

3. With respect to terrorist incidents, information for persons under-18 in Israel (disaggregated by age and sex) on:
4. With respect to Israeli security and military operations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, information for persons under-18 (disaggregated by age and sex) on:

B. General Measures of Implementation

1. Please explain why the State party report does not contain any information on the implementation of the Convention in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

2. i) With respect to the implementation of the Convention please indicate how the following are achieved:

3. Please provide specific information on programmes and policies to fully implement existing legislation regarding child abuse and neglect, as well as campaigns to combat and raise awareness of corporal punishment.

4. With respect to the wider context of violence and its impact in the family and schools, what studies (including on the psychological effects of the conflict on children) have been carried out and measures taken?


Please provide the Committee with copies of the text of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in all official languages of the State party as well as in other languages or dialects spoken, when available. If possible, please submit these texts in electronic form.

Under this section, the State party is to briefly (3 pages maximum) up-date the information provided in its report with regard to new:

· bills or enacted legislation;
· institutions;
· implemented policies; and
· implemented programmes and projects, and their scope.

The following is a preliminary list of main issues that the Committee may wish to take up during the dialogue with the State party - THEY DO NOT REQUIRE WRITTEN RESPONSES. This list is not exhaustive (and does not contain issues already covered in Part I) as other issues may be raised in the course of the dialogue.

The dialogue with the State party might include issues such as:

1. Article 2, concerning non-discrimination:


· Girls and women in social and cultural life (e.g. religious laws); and
· Economic, social and cultural rights, including access to education, healthcare and social services by Arabs, Bedouins, Ethiopians and other minorities, children with disabilities, and children of foreign workers.

The Occupied Palestinian Territories

· Rights and freedoms of Palestinians and settlers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, especially, economic social and cultural rights.

2. Article 38 and military actions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories:

· Impact of military action and collective punitive measures (e.g. road closures, curfews, and mobility restrictions, military and administrative home demolitions, land confiscations, etc.) on the implementation of children's rights, including by Palestinian authorities, international and local humanitarian aid organisations; and

· Right to life, the use of force by the Israeli security forces and the principle of proportionality.

3. Article 38 and state responsibility for violations of children's rights directly caused by it outside its own territory, e.g. events in Qana, Lebanon in 1996.

4. Juvenile justice:

· The differential application of law concerning children, such as with respect to the definition of a child in Israel (e.g. 1962 Guardianship and Legal Capacity Law) and in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (e.g. Military Order no. 132);

· Law and practice relating to arrest and interrogation of children (Police Standing Order 14.01.05);

· Military Order nos. 378, 1500 and all other military orders which may allow prolonged incommunicado detention of children;

· Allegations of torture and ill-treatment, and conditions of detention of Palestinians under-18, particularly in centres, such as Ma'ale Adummim, Adorayim, Beit El, Huwarra, Kedumin, Salem and Gush Etzion Police Station; and prisons such as Terza prison, Ramleh, Megiddo Prison, and Telmond Prison; and

· Due process guarantees, access to legal assistance, family visits, etc.

5. Concerns with respect to allegations of incitement of children to violence by some groups in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

6. Sexual exploitation of children.

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