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26th Meeting
17 November 1947

The Sub-Committee this morning convened in the public under the chairmanship of KSAWERY PRUSZYNSKI (Poland).

The Rapporteur, HENRIQUE RODRIGUEZ FABREGAT (Uruguay), reminded the Sub-Committee that he had submitted sometime past, a proposal for the immediate admission into Palestine of 30,000 Jewish children now in refugee camps. Mr. Fabregat asked that his proposal be discussed without further delay in view, he said, of the urgency of relieving the position of these children.

The chairman replied that he would consult with the Working Group on Implementation on the procedure for dealing with this proposal.

The Sub-Committee then approved a revised addition submitted by the Jewish Agency with a Czecheslovak amendment on the matter of “Assets.”

The addition lays down that during the period between the appointment of the United Nations Commission and the termination of the Mandate, the Mandatory shall except in respect of ordinary operations, negotiate with the Commission on any measure which it may contemplate involving the liquidation, disposal or encumbering of the assets of the Palestine Government, such as the accumulated treasure surplus, the proceeds of government bond issues, state lands, and any other assets.

The Sub-Committee then gave consideration to the draft description of the boundaries of the Arab and Jewish States which is to be included in the Sub-Committee’s recommendations to the Ad Hoc Committee.

MR. MOSHE STERTOK (Jewish Agency) stated that he was prepared to meet some of the suggestions put forward by the United States delegation for the rectification, in favour of the Arab State, of the boundary in the Negev.

It was agreed that the Secretary of the Sub-committee prepare a map on the basis of the above description of the boundaries, and that suggestions for any other modification of the boundaries be discussed after examination of the map in question.

The Sub-Committee will reconvene this afternoon at 5:00 p.m.

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