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        Security Council
23 June 1967


Supplementary information received by the Secretary-General

1. General Bull reports that on three occasions on 21 June and again on the morning of 22 June United Nations military observers observed a light Israel reconnaissance aircraft flying east of the Israel cease-fire line. This information was forwarded to the office of the Senior Israel Representative with a request that all Israel forces respect the cease-fire line.

2. General Bull reports having received the following message from the Officer in Charge, Tiberias Control Centre, at 1420 hours GMT on 22 June:

3. General Bull received the following report from the Officer in Charge,
Tiberias Control Centre, at 2103 hours GMT on 22 June:

General Bull advises that the Chairman of ISMAC in Damascus contacted the Senior Syrian Delegate and advised him of the above-mentioned firing. The Chairman requested that the necessary action be taken to ensure that Syrian forces in the area adhere to the cease-fire arrangement and further requested the Senior Syrian Delegate's full co-operation in its implementation.

4. General Bull has advised United Nations Headquarters that the existing resources of UNTSO do not make it possible for him to investigate allegations about the treatment of civilian population in the area of the recent hostilities, in view of UNTSO's commitments in observing and securing the implementation of the cease-fire. He has, however, used his good offices wherever possible in such cases in drawing the attention of the authorities concerned to the allegations made, and will continue to do so.


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