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22 April 2009

Voicing the Needs of Women and Men in Gaza: Beyond the Aftermath of the 23-Day Israeli Military Operations

Author/Editor(s): Dr. Rema Hammami, Sinta Dewi, Inger Brodal, Lubna Madyeh, Khaled Mansour, Heba Qedwa, Vanessa Farr, Sana Asi, Anne-Marie Goetz, Hanny Cueva-Beteta, Heba Zayyan, Yolanda Iriarte, Jamil Rabah, Naema Abu Hmeid

A volatile and disputed region in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Gaza Strip has suffered a long history of violence that has had a significant political, economic, social and psychological impact on the people who live there. In December, 2008, tensions boiled over into violence when Israel launched a military offensive that lasted for 23 days, breaking a delicate six-month truce between its country and Hamas.

Voicing the Needs of Women and Men in Gaza evaluates the impacts, needs and perceptions of men and women in Gaza following the aftermath of the December, 2008, military incursion. In this assessment, The UN Gender Task Force in collaboration with UNIFEM conducted a household survey through face-to-face interviews with 1,100 adult men and women across the Gaza Strip in the first week of March, 2009, focusing specifically on food security, emergency assistance, livelihoods and income sources, safety, security and gender-based violence, health, trauma and access to health and psychological health services, and the displaced.

The assessment lists a number of key findings. For instance, 39 percent of women surveyed cited distance as the main obstacle to women and girls getting access to health care; 85 percent of men and 88 percent of women reported that they have not been involved in any consultation on the planning or design of humanitarian assistance in their community; and 20 percent of households said that boys’ needs are prioritized when there is a food shortage. Overall, this report is instrumental to those facilitating and supporting humanitarian efforts in the Gaza Strip.

Complete document in PDF format (Requires Acrobat Reader)

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