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        Security Council
5 April 1954


Letter dated 5 April 1954 from the representative of Israel to
the President of the Security Council
[Original text: English]
[5 April 1954]

I have the honor to request that the following item be placed on the Agenda of the Security Council for urgent consideration:

Complaints by Israel against Jordan concerning the repudiation by Jordan of its obligations under the General Armistice Agreement:

(i) Violation of article XII of the General Armistice Agreement by its refusal to attend the conference convoked by the Secretary-General under the aforesaid article (S/3180, S/3180/Add.1, S/3180/Add.2);

(ii) Armed attack on a bus near Scorpion Pass on 17 March 1954 resulting in the murder of eleven Israeli citizens;

(iii) Acts of hostility including attacks and raids committed by regular and irregular forces against the lives and property of Israeli citizens in persistent violation of articles I, III and IV of the General Armistice Agreement, with special reference to the recent armed attacks in the neighborhood of Kissalon result-ing in loss of life, and to constant threats against Israel security;

(iv) Refusal by Jordan to carry out her obligations under article VIII of the General Armistice Agreement.

The specific violations enumerated above illustrate the general approach of the Government of Jordan towards its obligations under the Armistice Agreement. They are part and parcel of a general policy of hostility towards Israel which is maintained and aggravated by a campaign of hate and incitement to war.

These actions and policies of the Government of Jordan constitute a virtual repudiation of the General Armistice Agreement in both letter and spirit.

It will be observed that the Jordan Government has refused to carry out some of the most fundamental provisions of its agreement with Israel and has, at the same time declined to review the agreement in conformity with its own specific terms and procedures. That Government therefore bears a heavy responsibility for a situation fraught with grave danger to peace and security.

An explanatory memorandum of these complaints will be submitted in the immediate future.
(Signed) Abba EBAN

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Israel
to the United, Nations

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