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        General Assembly
        Security Council

1 June 1987


Forty-second session
Item 39 of the preliminary list*
Forty-second year

Letter dated 31 May 1987 from the Permanent Representative of Lebanon
to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

Further to my previous letters and on instructions from my Government, I have the honour to inform you that, Israel has continued its criminal acts of aggression against Lebanon by sea, air and land, as described below:

1. The Israeli Navy has continued its strict blockade of the port of Sidon, preventing merchant ships from entering and fishing vessels from leaving. This has aggravated the shortage of essential foodstuffs from which the population of Sidon and the neighbouring villages has been suffering.

2. At noon on 28 May 1987, Israeli warplanes intercepted a Lebanese training and reconnaissance plane which was assisting a yacht in Lebanese territorial waters. After warning shots had been fired, the Lebanese plane, a Fouga Magister, was forced to land in Israel, where the two members of the Lebanese crew, Colonel Khalil Matr and Captain Samir Ma'luni, were interrogated continuously for four hours, after which they and the plane were released.

3. On 31 May 1987 an Israeli armoured force penetrated deep into Lebanese territory, reaching the town of Jezzine, some 10 miles north of the so-called "security zone", where it took up quarters. In addition, Israeli artillery and the South Lebanon Army bombarded the town of Nabatiya and its outskirts. As a result of this attack, an as yet undetermined number of people, including one small child, were killed or wounded and extensive damage was done to property.

4. The Israeli Air Force has continued its flights over southern Lebanon day and night, terrifying the civilian population, especially the elderly, women and children, and creating an atmosphere of tension in the region. It should be noted that, during the present month of May, the Israeli Air Force carried out four raids on different localities in southern Lebanon.

The Lebanese Government vigorously condemns Israel's repeated acts of aggression and the acts of air piracy which have recently been added to the sea piracy and the naval blockade and warns of the possibility of a major act of Israeli aggression against the south. Lebanon appeals to the international community, as represented by the United Nations and its organs, especially the Security Council, to put an immediate end to Israel's acts of aggression and practices, which contravene the Charter of the united Nations and international law, and to prevail upon Israel to implement the provisions of Security Council resolutions 425 (1978) and 426 (1978) and subsequent relevant resolutions calling for Israel's full, and unconditional withdrawal from Lebanese territory, so that the south may become a region of peace and security under the authority and sovereignty the Lebanese State.

I should be grateful if you would have this letter distributed as an official document of the General Assembly, under item 39 of the preliminary list, and of the Security Council.

(Signed) Rachid FAKHOURY
Permanent Representative




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