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"As is" reference - not a United Nations document

Source: United States of America
9 October 2014

Jen Psaki
Daily Press Briefing

Washington, DC
October 9, 2014


2:41 p.m. EDT



QUESTION: Do you have anything on the Gaza --

MS. PSAKI: Let’s just --

QUESTION: -- on the national – the Palestinian national unity meeting in Gaza today?

MS. PSAKI: Sure. Did you have a question? Or do you want me to just --

QUESTION: Do you have anything on it – the fact that it was held there? And also the donors conference, is there a number – what is it that you’re hoping to be achieved – the Gaza donors conference?

MS. PSAKI: Well, on the first question, as we’ve said all along, the only way to have a long-term sustainable solution for Gaza is for the Palestinian Authority to assume full authority in Gaza. So we support this interim technocratic government in its efforts, and we view this meeting as a positive step in that direction.

As it relates to the conference – and I spoke to this a little bit the other day, but I’m happy to certainly reiterate that – certainly, we know that the people of Gaza have felt – are in great need of many, many things: housing, they’re in need of water, they’re in need of very basic necessities. And this conference, which will be hosted, as you know, by the Egyptians and the Norwegians, is an opportunity for countries to contribute and talk about ways to help rebuild Gaza. And certainly, the United States is very committed to that effort as well.

QUESTION: Rebuilding before having a permanent – a cessation of war? The war is not – there is no cessation of war there.

MS. PSAKI: There is a ceasefire right now, as you know. But obviously --

QUESTION: Not permanent.

MS. PSAKI: Let me finish. The conference is very important because it’s setting those – it’s in addition to a top-down agreement about where – about how the countries will – or how the entities – the parties will agree, I should say. There also needs to be a bottom-up agreement, in our view, about how we can help rebuild. And there’s no question that having a ceasefire agreement that addresses these core issues is essential over the long term. And countries around the world – this is just one conference – are going to look at what progress is being made in that regard as they make decisions moving forward.

So I think everybody should look at it through that – those eyes, and we’re certainly telling countries that.

I’m sorry. I have to go because I have to the PAO conference. Thank you, everyone.

(The briefing was concluded at 2:29 p.m.)

DPB #171

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