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        General Assembly
4 March 2011

English only

Human Rights Council
Sixteenth session
Agenda item 7
Human rights situation in Palestine and other
occupied Arab territories

Joint written statement* submitted by the Organization for Defending Victims of Violence, the Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, non-governmental organizations in special consultative status

[14 February 2011]
*This written statement is issued, unedited, in the language(s) received from the submitting non-governmental organization(s).

Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories**

Within the framework of the contents of the UN Charter, particularly the dignity of humans and their 4 fundamental rights to life, ownership, freedom, equality and non-discrimination which is the main concept of hundreds of years worth of scientific and moral activities, we would like to draw the following to Council’s attention:

1. Right to life

Dignified life which results in the self-respect and release of mankind, has been confirmed by all religions and schools of though, and are deemed the heart of human rights. This right is violated by Israel extensively and systematically. In January this year alone 17 defenseless Palestinian civilians have been killed by the Israelis in Gaza.

Since according to human rights principles, siege, occupation and imprisonment deemed as genocide, it must be reminded that almost 42,000 defenceless Palestinians get the least medical and health treatments in Israeli jails. Openly and practically Israel pursues the policy of arrests and assassinations as a means destroy. The continuation of this inhuman policy will result in the deepening of hatred and fuelling the fire of more and more wars.

With regards to the Gaza Palestinians and the violation of their right to life the following are pertinent:

1. The air, land and sea siege of Gaza

2. Prevention in vital reconstruction of facilities such as: electricity power plant, drinking water system, transportation and hospitals.

3. Prevention of international aid goods from reaching Gaza.

4. Assassination of Palestinian leaders and activists by assassination squads.

5. Extensive and gross violation of the basic rights of Palestinian prisoners.

For the renewal of an atmosphere for dialogue and peaceful coexistence it is expected for human rights defending organizations to show more sensitivity and prevent the continuation of the violation of Palestinians basic rights.

2. Right to ownership

The right to ownership of homes, farms, and business property in most country used to be limited to the top class, where in many European countries, people who did not own land, fundamentally were not deemed to have citizen’s rights. This fundamental right has for long been blatantly and extensively violated in Palestine for a very long time. Were you aware that Jerusalem’s mayor has given news of the construction of 50,000 new hosing units for the Jewish residents of the city? Did you know that 50,000 homes means the confiscation of the homes, businesses and farms of hundreds of thousands of refugees? Don’t these cruel and vicious polices not escalate the violence?

Israel suspended settlements building in Palestinian territories for a year for the peace talks, but recently on the excuse of the halt in the talks, it has restarted the constructions. Despite the calls of countries, international human rights organizations, the settlements building policy and the housing of Jewish immigrants in Palestinian lands continues unabated. The understanding of all of this is that the aforementioned policy fuels the fire of violence and deepens the hatred and conflict in the region and deepen the dissatisfaction of humanitarians especially Muslims from the Zionists actions?

3. Right to freedom

Freedom to travel, migrate, transfer of ideas, investment and money are the natural basic rights of people. These rights are fully observed in Israeli controlled territories. Israelis in places like Tel Aviv and Haifa can easily and speedily say what they want and travel and conduct business with no restrictions whatsoever. This is while for around 25 months now the Israelis have blockaded Gaza from land and sea and in practice imprisoned around 2 million people. This violation of the human rights of Gaza residents is the most heinous way of deterring people from their inalienable rights, which not only deters finding a just and lawful solution, but also fuels the flames of revenge. We draw the attention of human rights defending organizations to the following:

1. Immediate end to the Gaza blockade and start of international relief to the region

2. Prosecution of those that committed crimes against humanity in the 22-day Gaza conflict

3. Make Israel to commit itself to stop using phosphorous bombs

4. Release all Palestinians that have been detained over the recent years for various reasons

5. The dispatching of doctors and needed medicine to the region to treat the wounded and sick.

6. Complete stoppage of construction of settlements and removal of the emergency conditions from Gaza

4. Right to equality and non-discrimination

The intentional disregard of equality among humans by Israel in the Occupied Territories has reached dangerous levels. A review of the memories of the Palestinian refugees and witnessing their current situation indicates the discrimination that they’ve been against by Israel for a long time. In practice and blatantly the Israelis humiliate the Palestinians dignities. This has left them with no other option but to resort to violence. According to Islamic teachings all humans are equal and the only differences that may exist among them is their level of being God fearing and faith. But in Israel’s case the one difference that they have in their policies is race and ethnicity, meaning that Muslims and overall non-Jews deserve to be abused and humiliated, but Jews deserve to be free, prosperous and have ownership.

It is expected of all active organizations to more seriously take up more effective initiatives to eliminate discrimination in all its forms. The blatant discriminations that the Palestinians suffer from are:

1. Prevention of Palestinians from leaving or entering.

2. Restriction on import of goods to the Palestinian Territories to bread, some medicine and fuel

3. Not processing Palestinians complaints in competent courts and without the presence of lawyers

4. Prevention of Palestinians from participating in Friday Prayers (under 35 year olds)

5. Having no news of Palestinian prisoners who’ve been imprisoned in Israeli jails for more than 10 years.

This is while the Gaza resident condition is very dire and far from basic human rights. We claim the following:

• The legitimate government that was voted in with a 62% majority has now disintegrated and many government workers are detained or assassinated.

• Approximately 2 million people in Gaza are living in terrible conditions (medicine, welfare, health and hygiene, economy), and this suffering amplifies the pain, anger and hatred among humanitarians.

• Hundreds of thousands of Muslims living in the Occupied Territories are threatened by expulsions and by settlement building the Israelis have practically escalated the destruction of Palestinian homes and farms.

• According to UN and the Gaza conflict fact finding committee findings the Israelis committed several crimes against humanity. The failure to take action against these crimes has disheartened the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims and all humanitarians.

We believe that today Israel has specifically targeted the right to life, freedom, ownership and the right to dignity of the Palestinians in Gaza and other Occupied Territories, and the continuation of this situation will endanger the peace and security of the region.


1. The setting up of an initiative committee called “Shelter Committee” for the protection of Palestinian homes and farms. The committee shall have the task to label Israeli constructions as “red houses” and the destroyed farms and homes of Palestinians at the hands of Israelis “black houses”.

2. The setting up of a committee or organization called the “90,000 Committee” with the aim of supporting and promoting for all the children that have lost their lives over the last 3 years of the blockade of Gaza.

We representatives of human rights organizations must seriously begin or work year with the slogan: words and slogans have achieved nothing for the last 60 years, let us take effective action, otherwise we’re all responsible.

**The Communication Network of Women NGOs in the Islamic Republic of Iran, an NGO without consultative status, also shares the views expressed in this statement.


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