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        General Assembly
        Security Council

5 September 2003

Original: Arabic

General Assembly
Fifty-eighth session
Item 38 of the provisional agenda*
The situation in the Middle East
Security Council
Fifty-eighth year

Letter dated 4 September 2003 from the Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General

On instructions from my Government, and further to letter No. 949/2003 from the Permanent Mission of Lebanon on 11 August 2003, and as a confirmation, I hereby transmit a list of excessive violations and aggressions by Israel against Lebanon from 23 August 2003 to 3 September 2003.

23 August 2003

– Between 3.50 and 4.05, enemy forces launched four mortar shells towards the area of Kfarshouba.

– At 18.00, Israeli forces located in Ruweisat Al-Alam attacked a goat herd with several rounds of artillery near Kfarshouba village, killing several goats.

– Between 20.40 and 21.50, Israeli forces launched several mortar shells (120mm) towards the Nakkar lake and Radar hill.

24 August 2003

At 11.40, the Israeli air force violated Lebanese airspace from Tripoli to Batroun Shikka and later headed southwards to the Jounieh, Aleih, Shouf, and Damour regions; they left at 11.50 over the sea facing Saida.

26 August 2003

Between 10.25 and 12.20, six Israeli military aircraft violated Lebanese airspace and flew over various Lebanese areas.

27 August 2003

At 12.20, the Israeli air force flew over the Tebnin and Bint Jbeil regions and the Shebaa farms and left our airspace at 13.00.

31 August 2003

At 12.25, the Israeli air force overflew the regions of Tebnin, Bint Jbeil, Nabatiyah, Marjeyoun, and Hasbaya and left at 13.15.

3 September 2003

Between 18.40 and 19.15, Israeli military and reconnaissance aircraft flew in Lebanese airspace over Ramiah at different altitudes and encountered anti-aircraft fire from Lebanese resistance. Immediately thereafter, at 19.48, two Israeli military aircraft entered Lebanese airspace from above Nakoura towards the north and performed circular overflights between Nakoura, Alma Al-Shaab, Qana and Sour and left at 19.50. At 20.05 on Radar hill, in the area around Bayadah and Mansouri villages, they dropped in two sets, four air-to-ground missiles; they left Lebanese airspace at 20.25 over the sea facing Nakoura.

In addition to air and land violations, Israeli vessels daily fire flare bombs and rounds at the demarcation line of Lebanese territorial waters.

These aggressions confirm the Israeli pattern of enmity. The type and number of these violations, which are without any justification or excuse, confirm the premeditated intention of Israel to threaten, provoke and undermine security and stability in order to serve its aggressive and expansionist objectives in the whole region.

The Mission of Lebanon draws the attention of the Secretary-General to the danger of these acts of aggression and their consequences, and requests the circulation of this letter as an official document of the General Assembly and of the Security Council under agenda item 38.

(Signed) Sami Kronfol
Permanent Representative


* A/58/150.

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